ABC’s of Homeschooling

I went to a lovely luncheon with homeschool moms yesterday. I had a great time.

One of the things we were asked to do was to write out the alphabet and beside each letter write a word (beginning with that letter) that reflects our feelings about homeschooling. After we completed our list, the organizer of the luncheon read off the list she’d made and who ever had the most and least amount of words that she’d added to her list won a prize.

Surprisingly, (to me anyway) most of the words were negative. The one woman who admitted that she’d listed mostly positive feelings is just about to begin her first year of homeschooling. Everyone laughed when she was asked how many years she’d been homeschooling because she’s actually about to start this year. Someone said that’s why she had mostly positives- she hadn’t started yet!

I remember when I first started 11 years ago and I must say my feelings haven’t changed. Here’s my list with a few explanations for some of my word choices:

A- Anxious- Am I doing enough for my children?
B- Brave- to be embarking on a path that no one in my family has
C- Creative
D- Driven
E- Endearing
F- Fun!
G- Great!
H- Horrified- at how others do it while they are seemingly tormented and stuck in a rut they created and keep themselves in.
I- Independent
J- Justified
K- Kind children- I come across a lot of kindhearted children at homeschool activities- course, you have your meanies too.
L- Love
M- Many hats- I wear a lot
N- Numerous ideas
O- Open (heart)
P- Perfecting (ourselves in Christ)
Q- Quality life
R- Reflective
S- Super Woman! Why yes, yes I am…
T- Thankful
U- Unschooling!!!! (what else would I put for U, lol?)
V- Victorious!
W- Willingness
X- Xenophile- (n.)A person attracted to that which is foreign, especially to foreign peoples, manners, or cultures.
Y- Yearning- for more to discover and learn together
Z- Zealous!

2 thoughts on “ABC’s of Homeschooling

  1. HAW- I can so relate to your responses! I, too, am horrified by how others choose to educate their children. At the same time I wonder if I’m doing enough. Then I remember that I must just be willing to try ….Thank you for your post!
    P.S. Thanks for the new and very cool vocabulary word!! Xenophile : )
    How strange that our pocket dictionary contains the word xenophobia and not xenophile!!

  2. Love this post and I have had similar experiences (except that anymore I tend to avoid “raditional” homeschool settings because the negative response gets to me.) And yes, would be a great post for CU.

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