Finding My Way Back to Unschooling… Again

Ok, so to some extent, I excuse myself because I think I’d be remiss to completely ignore everything that comes my way but I’ve allowed myself to get sucked in again and I’m now confessing my transgressions, lol.

Curriculum *sigh*… As an unschooler, I’m not against it per se, I’m more against using it when the children aren’t interested in it as I believe they won’t get very much from it at all thus wasting everyone’s time- not to mention the $$$ being

Ok so here’s what I did. I went to my friends house (who also homeschools) and she pulled out different curricula she uses or has used for different subjects and I got caught up in a few of them.

See, I love all things grammar- English, language arts, whatever you call it- I love it. I picked up Simply Grammar and Easy Grammar and fell hard for both. I smiled as I looked through them both fantasizing about how my girls would love both and thoroughly enjoy completing them.

So, I went home and ordered both real cheap. When they came I was so excited. It was like Christmas was here and I was finally able to open my presents.

I sat down with my 6 year old and we went through the first lesson together. As we did it I had a multitude of thoughts swirling through my head. Thoughts like, “Why are we doing this? She already knows this! This is really boring and pointless! Now I understand why so many of my homeschooling counterparts are often so stressed and depressed about their homeschooling! I can’t imagine doing this every day! Is she even getting anything from this?! Wait, my oldest has an awesome grasp on this subject and she’s not done anything like this, so why do we need this again? I’ll have to ask my daughter what she thinks about this book later.”

All this and more swirled in my mind as we completed the first lesson. Later on, I asked my daughter if she enjoyed it and her reply was, “Uhhh, not really. It was kind of boring. Can we not do that again?” Then she went on to say, “I’d like to practice writing my lowercase letters. Can we do that instead?”

Leave it to a child to reel you back in. From time to time, I forget that my children are trustworthy and really do know what they need to learn and when they are ready to learn it.

So, we regrouped, re focused (well I did anyway, as they never strayed, lol!), and went to 2 different libraries and came home with the following:
The Magic School Bus videos, about 16 “You Wouldn’t Want to Be A” (really cool history series) books, a book about Roman numerals, one about telling time, “Play and Find Out About the Human Body”, and 2 Richard Scarry videos for the baby that cover ABC’s and 123’s.
And, when I stopped trying to “teach” them I found my 6 year old and 2 year old drawing on a chalk board together with the older showing the baby how to draw a person. Then I looked over just in time to find my oldest licking her plate after eating the lasagna she and my 6 year old made (from scratch). She was also surrounded by her Bible and my book she’s been reading, “Bad Girls of the Bible”. She said she’s comparing the stories in the book to what’s in the Bible.

It feels great to see them pave their own way and learn what they need to learn when they need to learn it. I love helping them with that. I can rest easy knowing that all they are learning, they are also retaining because it’s not something I or anyone else prescribed for them, it’s important to them. This is what unschooling is about for us- delight driven, child led learning. I can’t imagine doing it any other way.

2 thoughts on “Finding My Way Back to Unschooling… Again

  1. This was GREAT! Totally sums up the beauty of unschooling. I get stuck in the same “trap” sometimes, too. My daughter amazed me yesterday when she read an entire 2nd grade book all by herself — and to think we never gave her one reading lesson! Can I share this with some of my other HS’ing moms? BTW, I just ordered that car magnet, “Warning: Unsocialized Homeschoolers On Board!”

    BTW, I *love* grammar too! šŸ˜‰

  2. Lol! Of course Chris! Share all you like! It’s good to know I’m not alone in my weird moments. I have to learn to be kinder to myself though. After all, I come from that system so it’s only natural to revert back from time to time.

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