Herbs, Glorious Herbs, and Aromatherapy!

I was raised in a conventional way like most but it seems that as soon as I became a mother, everything changed! Well, actually, I must say when looking back on my childhood, there were clues that I was and would be “different”. My mom’s going to fuss so don’t tell on me, ok? but I hardly ever took any of the medicines she’d give me. I don’t even know why. Of course I was too young to know anything about possible side effects and all. All I can say is “popping pills” never sat well with me- ever.

I’ve always had terrible allergies. I’ll never forget these funky blue pills that I was supposed to take to help with it. Each time my mom would give me one, I’d wait long enough for her to be satisfied and I’d throw it out, lol! I don’t remember taking even one of those pills!

So, I was the type to just take a nap if I had a headache and of course when it was time to give birth, I didn’t want anything at all to do with medicine- I felt I could do it without any interventions and although I was correct, I wasn’t given the opportunity to prove that fact until my 2nd and 3rd children came into the world.

After starting not just homeschooling but unschooling, and then having my second daughter at a birth center and ceasing vaccines for my girls, I ventured into homeopathy. Sometime after I had my homebirth, I heard about a free aromatherapy class, where I’d learn about how to care for our first aid needs with essential oils. I couldn’t wait to get going with it and jumped in wholeheartedly. A year or so later, I decided I wanted to get into herbs but no opportunities came up that gave me the push into it that I longed for, so I waited.

After a while, I decided that when I became pregnant again, I’d find a homebirth midwife who was also an herbalist and that would be my introduction into herbalism. Thankfully, I was wrong!! I kept my eyes open for opportunities knowing I truly wanted to get into it before I got pregnant again. (I mean come on, that’ll be another year or two!) Lo and behold, the very last assignment I had to complete with my doula certification was to do a few nourishing herbal infusions! Whoo hoo!! This was just the push I was looking for and my goodness, before I could even be pushed really, I dove in! SmileyCentral.com I must say that I am amazed, absolutely stunned at what’s out there! Here’s a short list of what I’ve made and am making so far:
nourishing infusions, of course teas, tinctures, herbal vinegars, herbal honey, poultices, fomentations, decoctions, bath salts, healing salves (I used the one I made to help heal my newest tattoo!) and it worked great! I’ve also made a facial scrub, lip balm, herbal oils and I’ll be making my first batch of lotion/body cream very soon! Have I gone off the deep end? Yep and I’m loving every minute of it, as is my daughter’s. They love learning about herbs right along side me and using them to not only heal different ailments that come up but to nourish our bodies and not get sick in the first place! I’ve since enrolled in another online herb course with my certifying organization ( http://www.birtharts.com ) and I spend quite a bit of time with John and Kimberly over at http://www.learningherbs.com I’m having a ball!!

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