Natural Birth Control

In 2006, after a wonderful “just because” surprise trip to Hawaii, I decided enough was enough.  I’d been on hormonal birth control since I was about 17.  I never really had any side effects that I’m aware of other than nausea and after I had my first two children a side effect that now really infuriates me is that my breast milk was changed and depleted. 

Another big problem I have with hormonal birth control is the fact that a lot of the manufacturer’s of these drugs aren’t able to tell how the methods work. I always wondered if the birth control method I was using kept my husband’s sperm from fertilizing my eggs or were they causing my body to abort fertilized eggs. Not knowing wasn’t good enough for me as I am not a fan of abortion.

Sometime after that trip to Hawaii, I stumbled upon Natural Family Planning- not to be confused with the infamous Rhythm Method. You’d mess around and get pregnant fooling with that rhythm method, lol!

Natural Family Planning is about knowing your body. Using this method, I know when I am fertile, when I’m not and even when I’m ovulating. I know how long my cycles are and can even help my midwife assess any issues I may be having just by using this method. I’ve used it to protect myself from getting pregnant and I’ve used it to conceive my 3rd daughter as well.

I wish someone had told me about this a long time ago. Here’s a few resources… Based on book Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler Couple to Couple League International

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