A Day In the Life of an Angel Mommy

I saw this on a facebook page about miscarriage
“Crying because you miss a child that was never born…
Mad because you want to know why he/she didn’t get to be born.
Distraught, because your body was preparing for a child to come from within, only to have the cycle abruptly stopped…

A glimpse into the day of an angel mommy.”

I can add more to this…
Feeling stupid missing someone who no one else seems to remember…
Feeling alone in your grief because everyone else has moved on…
Longing for that rainbow baby that seems an ever elusive dream…
Being genuinely happy for others in their pregnancy while simultaneously grieving the loss of your own…

I miss my baby. I hate that I’m not in my last trimester gestating, going through all that comes with this period in pregnancy, counting down the weeks and preparing for my little one’s arrival. I hate feeling so alone in my grief.

I love children and I want as many as the Lord will give me. In a perfect world, all the women who claim their “shops are closed” would be the ones who would not get pregnant, leaving those like me, who want to be pregnant more than anything, to have the babies. My “shop” is not closed. I am open and willing to share my body and life with another beautiful gift from God. It breaks my heart that while some are longing for and pining after their lost children, others are abusing, aborting or taking for granted the treasures they are blessed with.

It’s not fair.

2 thoughts on “A Day In the Life of an Angel Mommy

  1. I just became an Angel Mommy too. I’m so sorry for your loss and I feel the same things in my heart that you wrote about. It is so not fair.

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