It’s My House and I Live Here

I’m a deeply introspective type. Very sensitive and careful with my words as I don’t want to hurt anyone and also, I don’t want to say anything I will later need to apologize for. So, nine times out of ten, when I say or write something, I mean it.

Today, I looked back at a few drafts I have written but didn’t publish, and I published them. I aim to publish more often but I get really private and keep my thoughts hidden away- not exactly the purpose of a blog, I know. Moving forward, I aim to change that for several reasons.

Each time I share my heart reluctantly, so many beautiful things happen. I grow, I heal, and best of all, I help others. I know my Dad is proud of his little girl living out one of his favorite phrases, “People helping people.”

Another, more practical reason is that it’s my blog, and I can post whatever I like. So, there you have it. I hope to be posting more and share more of my heart with you.  It won’t necessarily be politically correct, that’s not my thing. Some may be anger inducing, tear jerking or absolutely hilarious. The common theme will be that each post will exude love and honesty.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading my thoughts and learning about our adventures. If not, I respectfully put my hands on my ample hips, sway them from side to side and sing, “It’s my house, and I live here.” (And I can sing for real too, lol)

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