When God Goes To The Mall & One Angry Prayer Session

This year has been nothing short of amazing.  Too much to get into in one blog post, makes me wish I’d stopped to post more often.

This past Saturday, my oldest daughter and I went with some new friends on a “treasure hunt”. We prayed, asking God to reveal to us some clues about the people we were to pray for, clues about appearance, location, unusual things, ailments, or even a name.  Collectively, we had some clues from every area.

We decided to go to a nearby mall, split up and look for the treasure God would have us pray for or give a word of knowledge to.  I was surprised that at no point did I feel nervous or afraid.  It was fun!

One woman, whose name we had on our list, was really amazed. She kept asking if this person or that person sent us, we kept telling her no, it was God who sent us.  She was very pleased to be singled out by God.  Another guy was really sweet.  I walked by him at first.  I felt I should go to him. I saw a sadness settled on him but for some reason, I kept going.  Then, I stopped, turned around, and went back to him. I first asked him how he was doing and told him that he seemed sad.  He said he was ok.  Then I explained why we were there and what we wanted to do and he was happy to be prayed for. He held my hand the entire time we prayed.  We each gave him a word of knowledge from the Lord and he was visibly touched by it all, especially when my daughter told him some details about his life that she couldn’t have possibly known without God’s help.  It was the sweetest encounter.

We were only there for one hour, and in that time, people were healed of ailments, and some were deeply moved that the God of the universe would send someone to pray for or give a word of encouragement to them, even specifically calling some by name.  The people we prayed for were blessed and so were we who prayed for them.

We left the mall, homeward bound, with a great sense of peace and joy.  This was a wonderful first experience at hunting for God’s treasure!  Now, anyone who knows the Word knows that the enemy likes to try to come in after such an experience in attempt to steal, kill and destroy…  This fool tried me.

We got home, happy and contented to find that my daughter, who was feeling a little under the weather, had grown worse.  She looked weak in the eyes, was running a fever and suddenly complained that she couldn’t feel one leg.  Of course, like any mom, I was concerned.  I wasn’t sure what to do at first but felt in my spirit that I should have her take a warm bath.  I helped her undress while I ran the water.  Then I carried her to the tub, put her in, and using a big cup, poured water over her back and shoulders.  I put some bath salts that I’d made in with her to help and I said a quick prayer for her.

After a while, I went downstairs and discovered that my website wasn’t able to be accessed by Verizon customers at all- it was as if my website didn’t exist.  Here we are, the weekend of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday and a whole group of people can’t access my site to purchase our products.  I wasn’t thrilled.  I was tempted to start down that trail that leads to sadness, depression and fear but before I could, I suddenly stopped.  It was as if my eyes were opened wide and I could see the situation for what it was, a blatant attack from the enemy, meant to cause fear and distraction… I went off.  I reminded him that he was too late.  I’ve had too many experiences with the King of Glory, too many to count or re-tell and I would not be “changing my membership”, I would not succumb to doubt and fear and I most certainly would not take my eyes off God to be distracted by the lawlessness he was trying to throw my way. In fact, it was the lawlessness of his attempt that frankly, pissed me off.

I went back upstairs to my daughter, called my other daughter into the bathroom, and told the enemy where to go.  I made declarations over my daughter, thanking God for divine health for our entire household and more. That was the second time I prayed a pissed off prayer.  I am so done with the attempts to get me off track. I pray Holy Spirit will always “pull my coat tail” when I am tempted to look in any other direction but that of my Abba.

My daughter is all better now, in fact, while in the tub, she began to make drastic improvement and could feel her leg right away.  The technical issue with my website still persists but I’m not worried, I refuse to worry about it.  My Abba has my answer as always. I trust Him.

When Jesus said, “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”, He wasn’t kidding.  In our business, we have noticed that every single time we stopped working and worshiped Him, something big happened for us, in our lives and our business too, by way of large orders, orders from people who we never thought would order and an opportunity to get our brand in front of people who wouldn’t otherwise know we exist.  That’s our God. Amazing.  With that and so much more, He’s more than proven Himself as trustworthy and capable.  I will trust Him forever.

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