Be Wise As Serpents, Harmless As Doves

Matthew 10:16 came across my radar a few days ago.   “Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” 

I don’t remember how it came into view but I remember that when it did, it might as well had come in neon writing.  Then, during a nap, I had a dream.  Dreams, visions and words of knowledge are common for me, but this dream wasn’t good.  I’m learning about dream interpretation and what I know and understand at this point told me that it wasn’t a sunshine, lollipop dream.  Here’s what I dreamed:

I was in the bedroom with my family and someone mentioned that the orange kitten from the neighborhood was in the house. I was about to do something and my hands were occupied. I suddenly saw the cat and I screamed. I didn’t expect to see the cat so quickly after being told it was in the house. Then I smiled at it. It was a cute little orange kitten. It came to my left side and climbed the bed and then was on my shoulder. It rubbed against my ear and then licked me and I woke up.
At first, I thought perhaps I was being warned about the possibility of pride seeping in.  No, I’m not a prideful type, but I don’t think I’m immune.  I prayed about it and asked God to help me to not become prideful about anything, especially the gifts He’s given me, because, after all, I didn’t give them to myself, they’re gifts.
Because the dream nagged at me and I am in touch with some wonderful prophetic people, I sought interpretation for my dream.  Here’s what I got from Pastor Gary Fishman, author of Dream Interpretation:
Orange is the color of warning. The kitten might have looked cute but it was still an intruder. I believe the Lord is saying that it is important to know someone by the Spirit and not just by appearance before you let them get close. Not everyone even in the Church world is who they appear to be and especially in business. I believe the dream shows that mercy has to be joined with discernment because there are people who aren’t trustworthy and the enemy comes as an angel of light.
My heart sank a bit.  I mean, I thanked God for the warning.  He knows me so well.  I’m so grateful that He speaks to me as He does.  It means so much to me that He would warn me.  I prayed and declared Matthew 10:16 over my life when it again, flashed in my mind, but I can’t help but feel a little grieved.
See, I’m a very genuine person.  I love people, love to help and give and I’m kindhearted.  I know that there are people who don’t have good intentions, don’t and/or won’t like me and that’s ok.  I just really have a hard time understanding why people pretend to be one way, when they’re another.  I don’t get it when people try to be anything other than who they truly are, I have a hard time with that.  I’m not out to get anyone and I don’t understand people who are out to get others.  I just don’t get it.
In the past, I have accepted and allowed people in my inner circle who had no business being there at all, some for over 20 years.  After losing a few and being pretty devastated, I am better equipped and able to see more clearly with the newer people who come into my life but it still hurts to think of people coming in with ill intentions.  Why would anyone do that?  People have nothing to gain and everything to lose by messing with me. Both, 1 Chronicles 16: 22 and Psalm 105:15 say the same thing, “Touch not My anointed, do My prophets no harm.”  Also, carnally speaking, if I catch wind of it and they catch me on the wrong day and in a wrong way, forget about it! Let’s just say, I’ve never been one to mess with. The “harmless as doves” part is still a work in progress…

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