The Peculiarities of Living a Prophetic Lifestyle

Looking back, I can attest to many, many instances of evidence that the prophetic has operated in my life all along but man oh man!! How my life has changed in 7 short months after getting an official word about my gifting!  I’d only just begun to call it “a gift” but wouldn’t have dreamed that I was prophetic.  Turns out I am.  How fascinating!!  I’ve grown in leaps and bounds since July of 2014 at which time I had a dream interpreted that I’d had almost 11 years prior.  Part of the dream was about me, part about the Body of Christ at large.  The dream itself was significant enough for me to have written it down, even when I didn’t know it was a prophetic dream.

After that dream interpretation, it was as if a light was switched to the ‘on’ position and it’s now to the point where I’m regularly prophesying, dreaming, having visions and just knowing things.  I’ve started to notice some odd things that accompany a prophetic lifestyle.  Some of the things are kind of funny, others, not at all, but it’s all great because my Abba loves me!  He loves you too!!

Here are some things I’ve noticed…

  • This is one I always thought was completely normal but now I’m thinking perhaps it’s not. There are times when I close my eyes in my darkened room with the intention of going to sleep and I still see lights as if someone is flashing multi-color flashlights in my face.
  • Getting super hot and sweating as I’m worshiping or praying with or for someone. Initially, I thought it was because I was more overweight than usual after having given birth but now at over 20lbs lighter nothing has changed, still blazing hot and sweating at times and no, I’m not old enough to be going through menopause, lol! Besides, there are times when it’s just my hand that’s hot.
  • Seeing sparkles of light in random spaces, during the day and in the darkness of night. Kind of like a twinkling star.
  • Going to prophecy over a person and seeing negative aspects of their character. “Umm, Abba?  What am I supposed to do with this?”
  • Knowing a persons mood, motives or intentions with no “natural proof”. Hoping I’m wrong, but then having an experience that proves I was right all along. 😦
  • Not knowing if what you know/see is as obvious as it seems to you or it’s just the prophetic gifting in operation.
  • Not having to use very many words with my prophetic daughter.  She gets it, and me.
  • That feeling when you’ve prophesied over someone and it really ministered to them.  Such a blessing!!
  • Being in a room of prophetic people who give words left and right. 😀
  • Seeing a demonic being fly across the street :/
  • Oh, the dreams and the visions and interpretations!!! Amazing!!
  • The humbling fact that the God of the universe is with you, in you, speaking with and through you, touching you and others. Priceless!!
  • Wondering if what you’re seeing is there in the natural, or if you’re simply seeing into the spirit realm.
  • Meeting a person for the first time and instantly knowing them on a deep enough level to be able to put all guards down and know it’s ok.  It’s just a matter of spending time and growing the relationship now!

I’m so grateful to know part of my calling and be given a platform in which to walk in it. I’m thankful that God has blessed me with new friends made family who are mature in the faith and secure enough to seek to train, equip and push others with gifts.  We all need to stand up and do our part in the Body of Christ.  Until Jesus returns, we should all seek to connect with the prophetic.  It’s God’s heart for His Church.

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