Moment by Moment Faith

Man, Jesus wasn’t kidding when he said that we’d have trouble in this world.  This week, two people who are very dear to me were highlighted.  We are all ministering to each other.  Three different sets of circumstances, all with the root need of simply and fully trusting God at the heart of each.  We each have done all we can do, now we just need to have faith that God is who he says he is and that the promises we have been given will come to pass.

We can talk ourselves into doubting so quickly, with no help from the enemy, but of course, he’s happy to help too.  This is where I see that we have a very unique opportunity.  Whereas, one who is having an easy, happy time can forget about God, we have the chance to press in, get more intimate and intentional with our worship, and just be more aware of His presence.  We are able to, if we look, see things differently, hear Him speak in ways we didn’t know he would previously and thus, be stronger in our faith for it all.  Moment by moment, opportunity for greater intimacy beckons.  It’s up to us to take it.

I wrote a short letter to God in my journal today.  It reads:

Lord, I don’t always understand or even like your ways but I trust you.  I know  you know what’s best for me and those I am to impact.  Help me to not fear or fret.  Help me to keep my eyes on you always.  Help me to enjoy every moment, every opportunity I am given.  Help me to not be tough to mold. I want to be pliable and trust in you.  Thank you for choosing and using me to help others.  Help me to be as sharp, effective and efficient as possible.  I want to do amazing things for you.  You have done so much for me- you’ve done everything for me!

3 thoughts on “Moment by Moment Faith

  1. Patrice your writings are such an inspiration to me, it encourages me to draw closer to Abba Father . I’m so blessed to have you and your Family in my life. Keep writing God is speaking through you in such a loving way.

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