The Religious Spirit

Seven days before it came, the Lord gave me a dream, warning me that the religious spirit would be coming my way.  It came through someone I love dearly in the form of a bunch of theories, conspiracy theories.  I mostly listened and felt like my loved one was wrapped in an enormous web or one of those elaborate mazes that have the potential to drive one completely insane with all the twists and turns that lead to numerous dead ends.  Two things struck me during and after the conversation.  I kept having this thought, “Where is the relationship and encounter with God in all this?”, also, I felt sick to my stomach by the end of the conversation and well into the afternoon.

Once I’d had enough of the sick feeling, I went straight to God and said, “Abba, I know where I stand with you. I talk to you all day, everyday and you talk to me.  You tell me things about people that I have no way of knowing, so my relationship with you is not the issue here, but what is this feeling about?”  His reply was, two sentences, “Who do you believe, them or Me?” and, “I have put my Spirit in you so you have the ability to discern truth from lies.”  I told Him that without question, He is the one I believe and asked Him to take that nasty feeling away and give me something else in exchange for it as I had work to do, I was preparing to teach on identity at youth group.  I didn’t have time for that.  He took the feeling away and I had an amazing week.

As always, when something happens in my life, it is addressed at one of the prophetic meetings/events that I attend.  This time was no different.  The religious spirit was talked about over and over.  That was the spirit I was discerning when I felt sick to my stomach.

As I think about all the theories my loved one mentioned, wondering where God is in it all, wondering when the focal point shifts from theories and deceitful, hate filled humans to God and His love and peace, etc, I can’t help but think about my experiences.  The tangible love, the visions, dreams, miracles like seeing sound and operating outside of time as the world knows it, prophecies, visitations from Jesus, angels, Holy Spirit manifestations that cause everyone to be silent, even the babies in the room.  There’s so much!  As some guy who I don’t know the name of stated, “My experiences trump your theories.”  It’s too late.  I have an intimate relationship with my Abba and we are growing more and more intimate each day.  I pray that more get to the place of total intimacy with Him.  Then, the religious spirit won’t stand a chance.

3 thoughts on “The Religious Spirit

  1. amen!! i love the statement “my experiences trump your theories”!!!
    i agree, intimacy daily is key to keeping that old religious spirit at bay…
    good post, thanks for sharing!

  2. Same here! That statement definitely rings true with this situation. I’m so grateful we have full access to the Father so we can bypass all the foolishness and go straight to Him.

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