Loving My Abba


The Bible says we go from glory to glory but sometimes, things get so exciting and so good that better seems impossible, redundant, overkill even, but God is so much bigger than we could ever imagine.  He has so much in store for us and is so excited when we take steps toward greater intimacy with Him so that we can get all He has for us.  He is more excited to see us move forward and prosper than we are!

To have Someone like Him, the One who created the universe, even remotely interested in me, is nothing short of astounding.  I am in constant awe of Him.  His ways are magnificent.  His love is just, indescribable and makes me drunk in a way that no alcohol can touch.  To have Him available, have His undivided attention at all times is more than I could have ever hoped for and yet, this is the reality of being in relationship with Him.

So many paint a picture of Him being so angry and ready to punish.  They paint a picture of Him as if He is just waiting for us to make one wrong move so that He can obliterate us.

My experiences with Him have been the complete opposite and so much more.  I always tell Him how sweet He is, so romantic!!!  He woos us like no other and truly means it!!  He is so funny and humble and kind and generous.  I say humble because my mind is still blown when considering Him telling me that He was sorry as I lamented to Him about my having lost another baby.  He didn’t explain how He’d make it right or better in the end, He just met me right where I was, got all the way down on the floor with me, held me and said that He was sorry.

This is the God I know and adore.  This is the relationship I will never give up.  He is too much for me! My heart is filled. I am smitten by Him.

2 thoughts on “Loving My Abba

  1. your view of our Daddy is beautiful and encouraging…thanks for sharing your heart…it’s a breath of fresh air! for sure, He will NEVER let you down, and will always be there for you…He’s faithful and just…He is the lover of your soul…He WILL keep His promises…blessings to you 🙂

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