Midweek Prophetic Fun!

Oh!! I gotta tell you what cool things have just happened today! So my oldest, Jaiela,  passed her driving test today and is all official. We ended up having to go with a driving school because our cars are too new for her to use for the testing site. So, I went with a school that turned out to be absolutely amazing! I didn’t think it would be anything special, but Jitendra is so good at teaching that he had her parallel parking and more, perfectly, right away, with no prior experience. The girl got excited when there was one time that she didn’t do it perfectly during a recent lesson because it gave her the opportunity to learn how to fix it if it wasn’t done perfectly.
Afterwards, I sent him a text thanking him and naturally, I began to prophesy without thinking. I said, “I don’t know if you’ve considered this, but I see your business expanding in a way that is similar to branding, kind of like franchising. I see you training others to teach the way you do because it is truly unique and invaluable. You are helping to keep our streets safe with your method of teaching.”
Funny enough, he thought I was suggesting some kind of business proposal, lol and said that they are always open to good suggestions.  I replied that it was not a business proposal.  I was simply sharing what I see is possible for him.  I told him that I see him going beyond what he may have initially considered.  Then I went on and explained that it’s a “God thing”.  I told him that He shows or tells me things about people and I sometimes share it, that’s all.
He wrote back saying that it was 100% true and then he shared with me some of his plan, and in the plan, he had things like, “kind of  a private franchise, making American streets safe…”  Here’s where my mouth dropped open (as if it was the first time I had a word that I gave confirmed).  One of my spiritual dads named Gary Fishman- (this blessed girl has two of them jokers!) once told me to be bold and say what I see because God gives me very specific, detailed words for people and I need to just say it.  So, when I went on and said the thing about him helping to keep our streets safe, I thought I was waxing poetic or just being mushy because I was happy that my girl passed the test.  I had no idea that those very words are in his mission statement/plan. So cool!!
After that, I was able to go further and tell him more and he wants to chat later.  How cool is that?   God is so cool!  He always has wonderful surprises for us and I feel this is a story that has a definite “to be continued” kind vibe to it.

2 thoughts on “Midweek Prophetic Fun!

  1. How amazingly beautiful you are my friend! I have had the pleasure of knowing you… For at least 33 years…. I have witnessed your spiritual growth as it has paralleled mine… From Catholicism to Freedom. We are connected for a reason… We dwell in the Gap. Some will never understand or connect with the God granted Supernatural gifts imparted in us all…. I’m thankful for my tribe… We get it! 🙂

  2. Amazing…so proud of you and your wonderful spirit to inspire!!!!!! You are truly an inspiration to me…

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