Chasing The Wild Goose

I am finishing up a book called Wild Goose Chase.  The “Wild Goose” in the book is Holy Spirit, and the author, Mark Batterson, is talking about how we should live a life in which we are chasing after the Wild Goose. Basically, instead of leaning unto our own understanding of things and how they should be and go, we should follow Holy Spirit’s leading.  The idea alone means everything to me because I can say without hesitation that I have lived my life chasing “The Wild Goose”.  I have done so many things and still am, that seem stupid, dangerous and defiant, and more, to both the world, and other Christians, but I was without a doubt led by Holy Spirit to go in those seemingly stupid, dangerous or defiant directions and I know that my life has been all the richer for it.

Yesterday, my oldest daughter and I attended an arts workshop at our favorite church in the Bronx.  The workshops included various creative art forms like fashion, dance, music, painting, poetry, drama and photography. My daughter led the workshop on prophetic photography and made me stay in her workshop with her as she led it.  It was fantastic!! I learned a lot and took notes.  By the 3rd workshop, she wanted to attend one herself and so did I, so we separated and I went to the drama workshop.  I walked into it just in time to join in the assignment they were doing- writing a monologue.  After we finished, we each shared what we wrote and it was wonderful.  Because I am finishing up the book and the whole following Holy Spirit is very much in the forefront for me right now, that was the subject of my short monologue. After reading it, my oldest said it sounds like a trailer to a movie. 🙂

Chasing the Wild Goose

I hide in You.  In the shadow of Your mighty wings, I abide.  I ebb and flow with You.  You lead me to do the impossible.  You lead me to do the unthinkable, unfathomable, the scary, and in them all, I find peace.  I find strength.  I find joy.  I find You.  Find You?  Not really, because You were never hiding.  It is in plain sight that You just, are.  Everywhere I look, I see You, I hear You, I touch You, taste You, smell You.  I would be lying if I said I feel alone because all I feel is, You.  You are the Wild Goose that I live to chase.  To the world, I look like a fool.  To some Christians, I look ignorant at best, but for You, I will gladly look like a fool.  I will be the biggest fool there is because life without You, living a life where I am not chasing You, is no life at all.


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