All In a Day

I awoke this morning, so excited.  Today was a day that I did not have to be anywhere.  I could just be.  Well, besides my weekly visit to my wonderful chiropractor, otherwise, I had nothing to do but enjoy some time at home.

Before we went to visit our chiropractor, I had to call Verizon.  As the woman spoke, I began hearing from God about her.  I know these calls are sometimes “monitored for quality assurance” so I was frankly weirded out at the idea of “propheteering” on such a call.  (I know that isn’t a word.  I sometimes make up words…)

I almost missed it.  The lady thanked me for calling, I thanked her and I paused.  She hadn’t hung up.  I heard her typing, so, I said, “Are you still there? I have something else to say to you.”  She answered affirmatively and I told her all that I was hearing from God for her.  She cried and began to share some of her story with me.  It was amazing.  I felt so grateful that God gave us both that experience with Him.

Then, at the chiropractor, there was a guy.  He was really cute. He looked like he came straight out of the 70’s, maybe even the late 60’s, with his hippy hairdo and shirt.  I started to leave, then doubled back and gave him a word that really touched him.  I told him he was really cute first though, lol.

Once I got home, things just, changed.  I got annoyed because my daughter was all for going to an event when she thought I would pay for her.  When I said she would pay for herself, I could almost hear the screeching of the tires as she slammed the brakes on the whole idea.  I felt like I had failed as a parent.  The truth is, as my dad Russ reminded me, I have taught them to steward the money they get well. Perhaps this is just an attack from the enemy.

Then, because the enemy loves to kick us while we are down, it hit me.  Several of the babies I’d lost, if I hadn’t, would be here now.  Then it all just went downhill from there pretty much.

When I get like that, it isn’t easy for me to pray for myself or even ask for prayer but I did it.  I asked for prayer from my tribe albeit, at around 10pm, and got that and so much more.  Words of peace, sanity, comfort, laughter, Scripture and more.  One beautiful sister even sang to me.

Now, I’m feeling grateful.  I sought to be kind and encouraging to others at the start of my day. Although I didn’t feel I could pray for myself, God gave me the strength to ask for prayer from people who I know love me.  They did for me what I did for others earlier.  I thank God for my tribe, my beautiful family.  I love them more than I can say.  May they be repaid 100 times over for what they have done for me tonight.  And, if you don’t presently have the same unconditional love and support, I speak over you that, in Jesus name, you do now, not soon because soon is always coming, but now.

5 thoughts on “All In a Day

  1. wow! great post!
    i enjoyed your openness about your day, sounds much like mine (and i’m sure many others)…and you’re right, it’s hard to fight through the onslaught of the enemy and his lies to bring us down…
    what a blessing to have a tribe that fights for you and blesses you with words, wisdom and song too!!!
    i receive you speaking it over us all…that’s an awesome thing to do…God bless you!!!

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