Having Peace During Election Season

While so many I know are so distraught over the upcoming elections, I am feeling so enormously blessed and at peace.  At the beginning of all this, before all the candidates were whittled down to the two, I asked the Lord who He ordained to be our next president (see Romans 13:1).  I got an immediate response and just waited to see if that particular individual would remain.  They have, so I voted towards that end and am fine with trusting the Lord with this situation.

Through all of what has occurred, I feel more secure in Him than ever before because I know that neither candidate is my source, God is, and since God doesn’t change, I don’t have to either.  I can keep right on trusting and believing God.  I don’t have to panic in fear of who might win and what harm could be done as a result.  I have options here.  I can continue to trust in the Lord with all my heart, knowing that He works all things together for my good because I am most definitely, head over heels in love with Him, and am called according to His purpose. Jesus told me to take his yoke upon me and that I would find rest therein, so, I’m taking it!  He said to be anxious for nothing. There is literally nothing I have to be anxious for, and I am choosing to believe him.

I can’t help but get ridiculously excited about God and all that He has afforded us as believers.  I feel like, more than ever, I am taking Him at His word and truly believing it.  The freedom of living this way is so amazing it seems illegal!!  I am loving how when anxiety tries to creep in, it feels so foreign that I immediately turn inward to my Heavenly Father to get that mess off of me.

I pray this peace for all of you as well.  May any of you who struggle with fear and anxiety, come into the awareness of all you have in Him.  May it forever change you and make you more and more like Jesus. I pray that you remember that you are in constant union with your Source and that you take full advantage of that fact, believing fully in the One who loves and knows you better than anyone ever could.

2 thoughts on “Having Peace During Election Season

  1. Well Kristina, I join you in praying for breakthrough in receiving what is most definitely yours. He wants you to have this peace even more than you want it. He is that good to us.

    What helped me to start this process was realizing that He lives inside of me and is *always* available just by me shifting my focus to Him and allowing Him to pour into me. Get quiet in His presence and allow Him to give you peace and love you. Xoxo

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