Checking In

It’s been a while since I have written, I know.

When I give birth, I like to take a significant break.  For my last two post partum periods, I have done a 40 day babymoon where I don’t even leave my bedroom for the first 40 days after giving birth.  After that, I go downstairs as I want to, and play going outdoors by ear.  This makes for an invaluable time of recovery, healing, and getting to know my new baby, not to mention getting much needed rest.  My last 3 babies have all slept well at night but because they still wake up to be nursed and changed, my sleep is still broken. This means I am often super tired and anyone who knows me, knows how I cherish my sleep.

Weeks before I gave birth, I started to get really emotional about giving birth because some part of me knew and remembered that once I did, it would be a while before I saw anyone. I made myself feel better with ideas of having company over after I gave birth, but I forgot, I am not a fan of company after giving birth for my birth clients that I attend.  It’s just not the best time to entertain guests.

I always stress to my clients that even I don’t need to come over if they are not up for company and I personally have strict rules (as a birth worker) about snuggling someone else’s newborn.  There’s so much that happens after giving birth- after birth pains, trying to establish breastfeeding, healing from the birth itself, raw emotions, aches and pains that linger, and being exhausted. I personally do not care for an audience during that time.  It’s not the easiest thing for me to do, as I love people.  Also, I like things to be done a certain way, and during this time, I have to take things in stride as my family, when serving me, may do things a bit differently. Even still, taking this time does me a world of good.

It kind of reminds me of how Jesus would steal away for periods to just be with the Father.  I use this time for that too.  It’s me, my Abba, my husband, and children.  It’s about stepping away and getting in the rhythm of my new normal and so much more.

This time around, as bouts of the “baby blues” hit, I started to make even that enjoyable.  As ridiculous, negative thoughts swirled about in my head, I began to thank God for the opposite and continue to make declarations along those (positive) lines, over my life.  I have been resting as needed, whenever it hits me to do so.  I’m also reading one book and listening to another and enjoying both.  I have written out a list of goals.  There are some things that I want to focus on and accomplish now that my son is here.  And my new son? I don’t even have the words…  Suffice it to say that we are all enjoying him more than I can say.

I just wanted to write something to you, my dear reader.  I have started several blog posts during this time that I just didn’t complete for one reason or another but I wanted to let you know that I am well and will be back in the swing of things in a few more weeks.  In the meantime, I’m just enjoying this period all of my birth nerd sisters and I call the “babymoon”.


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