Where Are These Thoughts Coming From?

Post partum hormones can sure make a fool out of a woman.  One moment, you’re blissfully happy, enjoying your new infant and then the next, all hope is gone and you find yourself crying out in despair, lol!  It’s so ridiculous.  I can be fully aware that I am in one of those unreasonable moments but still, if I’m not mindful, I can be swept along that wave of depression as if my life is absolutely awful.

God has been working with me on pinpointing and speaking the opposite of the negative thoughts that come my way at times.  I have felt at times that I am useless, not doing anything productive with my life, just allowing life and opportunities to pass me by.  Of course, the truth is, I just had a baby, am in the post partum period, which should be a time of rest and just being.  It’s not at all the time to run around doing things.  It’s a time of recovery and discovery as I get to know my newborn and settle into my new normal.  Another truth is, there are no missed opportunities for me in Christ.  I believe that anything that is for me will come right back around when I am able to take full advantage of it so I’m not missing a thing.  Furthermore, what I’d be a fool to miss, is this time of getting to know my baby, that would be the dumbest opportunity missed of all and his newborn stage?  I can’t get that back.

I have also been alerted by Holy Spirit that I have been holding myself to my past.  Growing up, I used to fight a lot and I still have referred to myself as violent and unpredictable when angry.  The truth is, I have grown and I am not that scared girl who feels backed up against the wall and fights her way out any longer.  The truth is, with each passing day, each passing moment even, I am becoming more and more like Christ.  I am more and more the real Patrice.  The one my Abba sees when he gazes upon me. Also, what’s nuts is that my Abba does not hold me to my past, so why should I?

Thank God for mind renewal! He is teaching me to pay close attention to the source of the thoughts that come my way. Whether they are from me, the enemy, or both, I am to reject and declare the truth.  I’m committed to doing just that.  What about you?  Are there areas you need to make declarations over?  Ask Holy Spirit to help you to not participate in self deprecation and other negative behaviors.  Get your mind right and be who God created you to be.  Be who He sees and enjoy life from that perspective. With His help, pinpoint where your thoughts are coming from and declare and rejoice in the truth.  He knows exactly who you are, He created you.  Get His insight, grow and be that glorious you that God refused to live without.  The truth is, you are magnificent! So walk and talk like it!

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