Leaving Behind What’s Good for What’s Best

There’s a saying that is often misquoted, “Jack of all trades, master of none.” This is the person who is said to have many skills but isn’t well versed in any of them.  This quote is incomplete though.  The missing part, changes the meaning of the quote.  The original quote says, “A jack of all trades is a master of none but oftentimes better than a master of one.”  So while the misquote leads us to believe that a person with more than one skill lacks focus, the original quote says that oftentimes, having more than one skill is actually better.

I’m one of those “Jack of all trades” types, except that I must state that what I do, I am able to do well.  I even had a woman say to me that she sensed that I was a jack of all trades but she also sensed that I was also a master of them all.  It’s not something I’m ashamed of at all, but, it definitely presents a unique issue that comes up for me very often- choosing to say no to doing a good thing, in favor of doing the best thing.

One of the things I do is sing.  I am classically trained and was once hired to sing at a Christian Science church each Sunday.  The pay was good.  For once in my life, when my vocal teachers or anyone else asked if I was singing, I could proudly say yes and would not get a lecture about how I should be singing. I was using my gift and that was good, but I was quite unhappy.  The people at the church where I worked were thrilled to have me but while I was ministering there, I had no time to find the church I was to attend for my own growth.  I was doing a good thing, but not the best thing.

I can list countless other good things I’ve done, administrative work, selling Pampered Chef products (which I still absolutely love) and more.  I remember, while doing a Pampered Chef show, someone told me that I did so well with it that it was as if I was made to do Pampered Chef.  I also remember a friend who thought I should have been singing, saying that I’d rather sell pots and pans than sing.  It was the same with so many other things that people wanted me to do and thought I should be doing simply because I did things well. I take very seriously the verse that says to do everything as unto the Lord.  I aim to do all that I do with excellence and put forth my best effort.

Today is not a whole lot different, I am a worship leader, youth group leader, I minister regularly, I write, I make herbal products, I attend births, encapsulate placentas and I am a homeschooling mom.  I’m not lacking for things to do but I must be very mindful when approached about new and exciting opportunities because anything that is not where God would have me, even good things, can be a distraction that can derail my entire destiny.

I’ve been recently approached twice about doing things that are good. One thing was actually of interest to me, but doing those things would take me away from where I need to be, and the thing is, I don’t want to miss the mark with regards to my destiny.  I want to be right where God wants me.

Just to be sure, I aim to have a conversation with Him soon about what I should be doing so that I am not easily distracted by other opportunities that would take me out of His will for my life.  There’s too much riding on my staying on track.  I encourage you to check in with the Lord as well.  Stay the course, and meet your destiny head on.


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