Flipping the Enemy’s Script

Allow me to share a recent dream with you…

In the dream, I was home with my children, when one our neighbor, a 14 year old boy, came over, showing us his green and red snake.  My 4 month old was the same size he is now, but in the dream he was walking. Somehow, the snake got away from my neighbor, found my baby, and bit him. I held the baby as he seemed to be getting woozy, possibly losing consciousness, while someone went to call for help.  I decided it was taking too long and got everyone ready to take the baby to the hospital. (End of dream.)

Because we love dreams, sharing and taking stabs at interpreting them, I shared this dream with my children.  My 10 year old began to get concerned as she was taking the dream quite literally.  As a homeschooling mom, I jumped at an opportunity for a teaching moment.

I explained to her that our dreams can come from us, through our own fears and issues (and more), they can come from God and the enemy as well.  We talked about how dreams from God have a redemptive quality to them and how the enemy likes to have us in fear, desperation and other negative states.

My daughter said we would not allow our neighbor over if he came with a snake.  I could tell she was shaken from my dream, so I told her to think of ways we could have fun with the different points of fear in the dream.  We talked about snakes signifying deception, and other aspects of the dream.  In the end, we used everything about the dream that concerned her, to declare blessings over the baby.  We literally flipped the enemy’s script, what was meant to harm him, we turned it around for good.  It was fun.

Too often, we get “bad dreams” and feel helpless to do anything about them.  One thing I recommend is to ask God to take over your dream life and help you to interpret your dreams and do whatever you need to do, like in our case, we interceded.  Because we know that God is a good God and wants nothing but good for us, we have the ability to declare the exact opposite and more over whatever the enemy tries to put in our path.  How fun to be able to turn the tables and torment the enemy by blessing who and what he wants to curse! What an amazing privilege!!

I love to send my dreams to Gary Fishman.  His interpretations are freaky good and I just happen to adore him, so I go to him often.  His interpretation of this dream is that my neighbor represents the young generation and the baby represents the future.  The young generation today is carrying deception, believing the lies of the world in the culture, music, religion etc.  They are walking in deception and because of that, it will pollute the future generations. Gary said that he believes God wants me to stand as a spiritual mother, to break the deception and help raise up a generation that won’t fall into the same traps as this younger generation.

Wow!!! I am most definitely up for the challenge!  How about you?  Will you stop allowing the enemy to slap you around and give him a good one/two punch of your own?  He’s already a defeated foe and he knows it, but he does his best to get us to forget who holds all of the power and authority.

The Bible says that God laughs at His enemies.  I encourage you to have fun when the enemy tries to frighten you.  Turn it on him, and be responsible for a major blessing occurring. You could literally change the world!

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