Emotional Roller Coaster

I just want to share a conversation I just had with a friend. She wrote me telling me about the rough time she has been having lately. It actually ignited something in me as I am seeing a pattern of the same thing in my life and so many others, all at the same time.

I won’t tell her story but I can tell mine. I have been feeling like I am coming undone at times. Other times, I feel happy and hopeful. Then, I suddenly feel like I am in despair, heading towards depression, beat up, used, undervalued, and more. I hate it so much. Through it all, I am purposefully praying, worshiping and thanking God. I am doing things that are against my normal propensity to hide away and isolate myself. I am reaching out, asking for prayer, asking for help to those I know I can trust with my vulnerabilities. So very many have attested to having the same struggles lately, so when my friend came to me, I wasn’t surprised at all.

My reply to her: This is totally a spiritual thing going on. So many are dealing with some really crazy stuff. I am too. I was just saying to a group and they agreed that the same is true for them, we all have been feeling like we are on an emotional roller coaster. It’s awful. One moment, we are fine, hopeful, happy and then in despair, headed for depression, feeling hopeless like we can’t get ahead.

It’s a lie though, we have already won. Jesus won it all for us. We have to believe His word over what we see and keep moving forward, basking in His presence and allowing Him to carry us and be our peace, joy and strength. We can do this girl, we have an incredibly unfair advantage! The Creator of the entire universe is our Daddy and He is on our side. I’m glad you reached out instead of keeping it all in. The enemy wants us to isolate ourselves and feel alone but it is so far from the truth. You are not, never was and never will be alone.

This is a season of pressure which is designed to produce the growth and maturity needed to handle the blessings God wants to give us in the next season. Don’t give up!! Keep standing! Keep moving! I’m with you!

So, if you find you can relate to any of this, my prayer for you too is that you would stand firm and strong, believing Him over all that you see in front of you. Block it all with the truth of His Word. Believe Him, not what you see. Stand!! Let’s grow and mature so that we are able to handle the blessings that God has put aside for us! We can do this! Let’s stand in faith together!

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