The Process of Metamorphosis

It has felt like a long and hard road for so many in my inner circle.  So many back to back trials, some big, game changing trials, and others, small annoyances, but the trials seemed to come one after another.

I’ve felt, even in the midst of my own trials, that God was up to something big. I firmly believe that the trials we don’t cause ourselves and thus experience natural consequences for, are present to help mature us and enable us to be able to handle the blessings and new things God wants to bring our way.

I feel strongly that we are in such an amazing time of transformation.  It feels as if some major changes are taking place. God is taking those who are willing, from one state of being, to another that is a bit foreign at times, but glorious. Some thoughts that I admittedly have had for quite a while are really magnified and highlighted to me these days.  Thoughts about what it truly means to believe Him over everything and everyone.  I’m also having thoughts about what it really means to be a daughter of the King of Kings.  It struck me a few weeks back, when I was about to be faced with a circumstance that normally brings about some sense of trepidation, I began down that negative path and God said to me, “Who are you?” I immediately came to myself, sat up straighter and had a great time.

Thank God that He speaks!! I am intrigued by Proverbs 25:2 which says it is the glory of God to conceal a thing but the glory of kings is to search out a matter.  My daughter and I have noticed that during most of our runs (except our rainy runs), a butterfly or two crosses our path.  We didn’t think much of it at first but it kept happening so we took notice. Yesterday after Heaven’s Invasion was over and we stood around chatting, someone brought up butterflies and their symbolism, and I remembered the ones that seem to join us on our runs.  Butterflies symbolize things like metamorphosis, hope, and endurance.  Russ mentioned Romans 12:2 which says that we are to be transformed by the renewing of our minds.  He said the word for transformed is the same as metamorphosis.  That struck me.  I enjoy running and will continue, but I did start this as an effort by which to lose weight and it is happening.  My daughter and I are literally changing our bodies from the inside out in a physical sense.  And, while that is happening, the Lord is also doing the same in my mind and heart.  He is removing negative and destructive thoughts, behaviors and patterns, and replacing them with Truth.  I can most certainly attest to going through a major metamorphosis right now.

I see the butterflies as a promise.  I feel that all the hard work is paying off and will continue to do so, and, something absolutely beautiful will come out of it all.  Of course, I am eager for the end product, but, I will do my best to enjoy the journey of getting there.  There’s a lot of beauty to behold in the journey as well.  I just thank God that He speaks.  What has He been saying to you lately?


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