On His Mind

My Abba never ceases to amaze me. Focusing on the fact that He would not only create me but would long for an intimate relationship with me is more than I can comprehend.

Celebrities don’t really do it for me. My mom once took me and my cousin to a concert. I had a poster of the group in my bedroom and admittedly loved their music. I think my mom may have been more excited than my cousin and I. As the group performed song after song, and the audience screamed, stood and sang along, my cousin and I sat and watched the show quietly. I remember my mom being surprised. She figured we’d be among those singing and hollering and being all excited. It wasn’t that we didn’t enjoy it; We did. It just wasn’t that serious to be all up in arms about it. I felt like, I came to see the show, so I watched it. I don’t feel compelled to fawn over people. I prefer to stand back and watch, see what I am really dealing with.

In Christian events, it’s the same thing. There are some people, who, anytime a known name comes, they feel the need to seek that person out and speak to them privately at some point, when possible. I see no need. I don’t need to shake their hand or meet them any further than having been in attendance. I don’t know, it’s just not my style. Again, I prefer to sit back, watch and discern.

For as long as I can recall, God Himself is the only one I totally go nuts over. He is the one who amazes me when I come across proof that I am on His mind. He leaves me awestruck, time after time, giving me just the right words at the right time for people whose situations and lives I am so utterly clueless about.

One such time happened on a recent Saturday, at a children’s conference that I was a part of. It was a prophetic conference geared towards ages 7-12.

We had some older and younger children come along with siblings, and since they were present, we sought to include them as much as they wanted to participate. It was wonderful.

We taught on identity, hearing God’s voice and prophesying. We did prophetic activations with the children and had them up prophesying and all, it was such a blessing to witness. At the end, we had all the children line up to individually receive prayer, prophecy, healing or whatever was needed. As I stood in front, to receive people to minister to, I looked at the children and saw a 16 year old boy. He was disinterested to say the least. I got his attention and told him to come to me. I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to speak with him.

When he got close to me, he asked if I would pray for him. I said yes but stopped short of saying anything more. I just stood there, looking up at him (at 4’10”, everyone is taller than me). We just stared at each other for a long while, it was like we were both really seeing each other, like we were reading each other, gathering information. I loved him immediately and immensely. Thankfully, at that time, my oldest, who often ministers with me, was ministering to someone else, so he and I had this block of time, although surrounded by many, all to ourselves. After a while, I said, “Ok. I need to hug you now.” Now, I am excellent at hugging. I hug with love and sincerity. I don’t like what I call little pissy, pitty pat hugs, where you barely touch. I’d rather not engage in that type of “hug” at all. Not knowing what I will get in return doesn’t matter, I always seek to really hug people when the opportunity arises, and with this being a teen, and a boy, I really had no idea what would happen.

This child hugged me just as I hugged him. I unashamedly cooed over him, telling him how sweet he is and just poured out everything in God’s heart towards him that I was feeling in that moment. I feel it even as I type this.

Anyway, we hugged for a good while and then my daughter came into our conversation and we blasted him with an encounter with God that I’m sure that child (nor I) won’t soon forget.

The thing is, I was just being me, or so I thought. I was just following what I felt led to do. I had no idea who this young man was and how he got there. I had no idea that this young man’s grandfather raped his grandmother and that is how his own mother came to be. My God!! Talk about destiny! And the thing is, we talked a great deal to this young man about his destiny. We stressed his being here being very purposeful and so much more. We had no idea about the struggle he’d had on both, the night before, and day of the conference. He didn’t want to come, but not only did he make it, albeit reluctantly, God called him out and met him there, and we got to be a part of that!

I love that God does that to me. Often times, I’ll be somewhere shopping or ministering at an event. I will look out and see someone who is just working or trying to shop. I will inevitably see someone who has no intention whatsoever in coming up for prayer (at events), but God will have me leave the line of ministers, He will have me turn around in parking lots, hunt people down in aisles at stores, whatever it takes, to get to that person that He is longing to connect with on a very personal level.

Sometimes, it’s the person who just feels invisible, other times, it’s a person who isn’t even looking for Him, yet, they are on His mind. I love that!!!

As if having these opportunities weren’t awesome enough, my Abba recently did this for me as well. I received a call from an 11 year old girl in our youth group. She’d had a vision about me the night before. In her vision, I was getting married. I was dressed in white and my bouquet was that of white roses. She saw a figure standing at the alter waiting for me, she knew he was my groom, but couldn’t make out his features. I walked up the aisle towards him, looking at him. All around me, the people that were there were in utter chaos. As chaos reigned around us, my groom and I were completely unaffected. We just focused on each other as if nothing was happening at all. As I walked towards him, I began to sing. As I walked down the aisle singing, each person began to turn into angels, one by one.

What an amazing vision!!! I was so impressed that she would contact me to share it with me. What a confirmation of John 6:29 truly being my life verse! I have prayed so fervently for Him to be more real to me than anything or anyone around me.

It also reminds me of the phrase about one being, “so heavenly minded that they’re no earthly good.” That’s such nonsense!! The more heavenly minded one is, the more earthly good one can become!! The world has things so backwards!!

All this to say, it just amazes me how much we are on His mind. He will stop everything and do anything to get our attention and confirm things in our hearts. What love He has for us!

I will end by sharing two interpretations I got for the vision from my little girl.

From Gary- It shows that it’s important to keep your focus on Jesus who is the bridegroom and not get distracted by people around who have all kinds of issues and so lack focus. Their turning into angels, I believe shows that as you stay focused and in a state of worship, people will see and be affected. Angel is another word for messenger so people will become focused on doing what they are called to do as you stay focused and your example will influence them.

From Russ: You’re going to fall more in love with Jesus and experience more of His nature in you.
Your ministry of helping people experience Papa’s best for their lives is about to become ridiculously easy.

I also think the vision is for the body of Christ. We are entering a new season where Jesus is becoming more of a focus than ever before. And what we release out of our place of oneness with Him will profoundly impact and change people’s lives.

God is too much!! Until next time, dear reader, be blessed!

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