It’s the Little Things

My mom would be the first to tell you, it really doesn’t take very much to make me happy. I can be very simple and easy in that way.

What I’m about to share may not matter much to you, but I am seriously, blissfully happy and feel so loved by my Abba.

In a nutshell, I have and/or am getting free newspaper, mulch and I am finding a new home for our beloved turtle, Thor. Let me explain.

We’ll start with Thor.

This is how small she was when we got her. Yes, Thor is a girl and we knew that from the start. Anyway, now, she is about 7 inches and looks more like this…

When we got her at a fair, I was feeling indulgent I suppose. My 3 girls begged for the turtle, saying they’d each chip in $5 to get her as she was $10 and her food $5. I quickly and ignorantly agreed.

Once we got home and did some research, I learned she needed a tank, basking dock, lamps and of course food. I felt duped, lol. Several hundreds of dollars in, I was over it all. I have complained for a few years actually, but it was mostly talk since she’s been here going on 6 years.

At this point though, her tank is too small and I really don’t want to pay for the size she needs, especially since the children are all not paying much attention to her these days.

In doing more research, we’ve found that letting her go free in a pond at a nearby park is a bad idea and finding people or organizations to take a turtle are difficult to come by since this is apparently a common problem. When my oldest looked into options, she came to me with them all and ended with the option of having her euthanized. My heart dropped. Frankly, I thought I didn’t like the turtle at all. I thought I didn’t care a bit, but I do.

I prayed. I asked God for a home for her and my oldest prophesied that whoever took her would do so knowing full well what they were getting into- it really is quite an undertaking.

I asked one person who led me to another but it kind of fell flat. At that point, I posted on Facebook in several places and now I have more than 6 people who want her and two organizations will take her if needed so we don’t have to euthanize her.

This makes me so happy!! She will get a new home, a larger space and the love she deserves.

Now for the newspaper and mulch! Did you guess it has to do with gardening? If you garden and haven’t seen this movie, watch it. You will thank me later, seriously.

I am a very Amish living, Little House On the Prairie type. I really love making almost all of my food from scratch, condiments included. I even make most of my bath and body products and medicines. I love the process. I love knowing what is in my food and other products and knowing it is good for us. Naturally, growing my own food goes along with this. The only problem is, I don’t really know what I am doing so I have only successfully grown peas in pots in my backyard.

This movie was a serious game changer as the guy Paul, was taught by God in the subject of gardening and he so selflessly is sharing this information for all who will listen and put it all into practice. This post would be too long to include many more details but I will just mention two points (of many), Paul doesn’t need to water his garden, he has never tilled the ground his food grows on and his crops produce better and better each season with very, very little effort. God told Paul what to do in the beginning so that he wouldn’t have to keep working hard on it any longer and as are most things with God, it’s all super simple and easy.

Two of the things we need to get our Back to Eden garden started, include newspaper and mulch. In the film, someone said, if you find yourself working hard to get your garden going, you’re not doing it right. Remember, His yoke is easy. His burden is light…

Again, we prayed. I even cried (tears of joy and gratefulness) as I talked to the Lord about doing a garden His way and the beauty of being able to grow my own food. I thanked Him for the ability and provision.

Today, my oldest, who watched the film and has been excited since, called a tree cutting company in our city. She told him that we need mulch and would come and pick some up if he allows it. Not only did he say yes, but he wants to deliver it to us and can do it as soon as this week.

One thing down, the other was newspaper. We have been collecting what comes to our home from nearby businesses but we need a bit more.

The recycle center was a dead end. We can check with CVS who said we could come by at night to see about getting what wasn’t sold. Then, God popped a picture in my head of a neighbor we call Granddaddy. Right away, two of my girls went over to ask if we could have his old newspaper as he gets it. Grandma answered the door and said, “Hi. What do you want?” Lol, I love Grandma’s straight shooting demeaner. When the girls explained, she told them Granddaddy gets the paper every day so come back in about 3 days to get it.

While at home, I excitedly and suddenly exclaimed, “They are coming home with some now!!” I just knew it! Sure enough, they came in with today’s paper that Granddaddy was done with and they will get the rest of what we need in a few days.

This has all been seriously easy and free!! I can’t even tell you just how thrilled I am and grateful for God’s favor and provision.

And guess what? Today, while visiting Trader Joe’s I saw the man who made me so happy telling me a story when we last shopped there. (See my last post for further explanation.) I explained to him just how much I miss my grandfather’s stories and how his telling me one made me so happy. He said that in turn made him very happy and then, he told me another heartwarming story about his grandmother. God is so sweet. I am so in love with Him!

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