God Is In The Details

It’s been a while since I last wrote.  I am now on the last bit of a 5-6 week long vacation with my children and this is the very first time I could really sit still and write.  I had such high hopes for working on books and this blog during this time, oh well…

I like how Ephesians 4:6 (among many other verses) debunks this idea of separation that seems to permeate the Church- the whole secular vs. sacred, etc…  The Mirror translation version of this verse reads, “There is only one God.  He remains the ultimate Father of the universe.  We are because He is. He is present in all; He is above all, through all and in all. This translation then references Acts 17: 24-28 which reads, “He is not far from each one of us; in Him we live and move and have our being. We are indeed His offspring.”

I love how God is literally present in all.  There’s no place left out of all.  Even in Psalm (139:8) it says, “If I make my bed in hell, behold, you are there.”

Sometimes, when I get prophetic words for people, I take for granted that God is all in the details.  Literally, I know nothing and couldn’t speak to people at all unless God gave me the words, but I suppose, what I mean is, it’s easy to think I am just being quirky, weird or not hearing properly.  Let me tell you a few stories from our vacation.

A few days ago, I had a hair appointment and I wasn’t feeling well.  I prayed that I wouldn’t be contagious and harm the woman doing my hair as I wasn’t aware of exactly what was going on.  I just knew I didn’t feel right.  After praying for her and myself, I got ready to leave and suddenly felt compelled to bring her some of the ginger ale I’d made for those of us who have a cough. Side note- I make a lot of my own things from scratch.  Typically, ginger ale in stores that aren’t holistic have absolutely no ginger in them at all, so I make my own. Check those ingredients!

As I put some ginger ale aside, I thought to myself and even said aloud to my daughter that I was being completely weird, bringing ginger ale that no one asked for, to a hair appointment.  When I got there, I asked her if she liked ginger ale.  She said yes and made another affirmative comment about ginger ale that I don’t remember. I told her that I’d brought her some that I’d made.  She was happy and said she would drink it right away.  I then over heard her telling another client about it as I went to hang up my coat.

A bit later, she came to me saying that another client brought her some (store bought) ginger ale as well.  That’s when I realized she wasn’t joking when she said she really liked it.  This is easy to dismiss, but think of it.  I’d prayed fervently for her, before my appointment.  I’d made ginger ale the day before, in order to help myself and other family members having issues and keep the ones with no issues from having any.  The Lord instructs me to share some with her, knowing I’m just weird enough to do it, and not only would it help protect her from my germs, but she loves the drink in general, and let me tell you, my ginger ale is most certainly superior to what you’d find in the store. 🙂 That’s God, all up in the details.  He is so sweet.

Then, let’s go right quick to Orlando, where I almost missed giving words to two beautiful young women.  I’d actually left, turned around and came back to speak to them.  I don’t remember all that I said.  I’m not sure I’d share even if I did really, but suffice it to say, the seemingly random word I gave one woman in particular was so poignant for her, that by the end of it all, she’d teared up and gave me a sweet hug.

In a different location in Orlando, again, what seemed random and inconsequential, meant everything to another young lady who told my daughter and I that what we spoke about was what she’d prayed about the night before.

There were others, too many to go into here in one blog post, but God was on the move, touching lives and hearts, and used little ole me and my daughter to do it.  How magnificent!!

All this to say, God is in everything.  He is so amazingly crafty in how He weaves one thing into another and makes us know that we aren’t alone.  He sees and cares for us deeply, more deeply than we can imagine.  I am enjoying this process of recapping various experiences with Him.  He is so good!

One thought on “God Is In The Details

  1. how i love “God stories”! your stories are so encouraging to people like me, who always second guess if what we’re hearing is from God! lol…i can argue with myself over and over trying to uncover, is it me or is it God speaking? usually i come to the end where i realize, i’m not smart enough to think like that, so it has to be God 😉 …thanks for sharing your experiences, they are def pumping me up!! blessings! x

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