My Girls

I have been bedridden for the past several days and thought to share what my three daughters are doing as I am of course, a proud mama. Jaiela (pronounced Jayla) is 21, Jenai (pronounced Jenay) is 16 and Jasmine is 12.

Jaiela is doing an apprenticeship program and is excelling in it as she prepares to eventually work with a start up company sometime in the coming year. You can find Jaiela’s blog and more here.

Jenai loves art and working with her hands creating a wide range of things. Jenai is currently working on an annual project called Inktober where she creates digital art work based on the theme given for each day. You can find her work here.

Jasmine also loves art and is coming into her own. Jasmine is very well spoken in person. She’s pretty amazing at conveying her thoughts in ways that can easily make you forget she is only 12. She is working on her writing and art here.

In addition to my girls, I have two little boys but they’re 5 and 2 and are just busy being amazing littles these days.

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