Quick Update

It’s taken me a bit of time to get to writing this post so I’ll get right to it and will be back at some point with more.

On December 6, 2021, I was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer that has spread to my bones and blood.

I suspect a culmination of factors have contributed to this, including extreme circumstances over the last few months in particular with back-to-back deaths, massive loss from a flood, me cleaning obvious mold and pollutants, and more.

My approach to healing has some on edge, but I trust Holy Spirit to care for them as I must do what I do regarding this diagnosis for myself as I am the one who must live (or die) with the impact of various forms of treatment for this. At first, I thought of my children and how I must fight for them, but no. I must fight for myself. I can’t take on another person or thing. I have to tend to myself, for myself right now.

I am taking what feels like forever to decide on how to share this journey. Of course I have this blog, but I also have a youtube channel that I barely use to vlog. I don’t always want to be on video, but I think hearing my voice is great and brings something extra to others so I’m inclined to maybe consider a podcast too. I’ve done nothing beyond a trailer for that so far, lol.

When I decide on what I will do, I will be back. I want to share so much! The journey, all I’m learning and doing, so many things! In the meantime, I’m working my protocol and trusting God. I’ll be back. Sending you all love, Patrice.

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