Chasing The Wild Goose

I am finishing up a book called Wild Goose Chase.  The “Wild Goose” in the book is Holy Spirit, and the author, Mark Batterson, is talking about how we should live a life in which we are chasing after the Wild Goose. Basically, instead of leaning unto our own understanding of things and how they should be and go, we should follow Holy Spirit’s leading.  The idea alone means everything to me because I can say without hesitation that I have lived my life chasing “The Wild Goose”.  I have done so many things and still am, that seem stupid, dangerous and defiant, and more, to both the world, and other Christians, but I was without a doubt led by Holy Spirit to go in those seemingly stupid, dangerous or defiant directions and I know that my life has been all the richer for it.

Yesterday, my oldest daughter and I attended an arts workshop at our favorite church in the Bronx.  The workshops included various creative art forms like fashion, dance, music, painting, poetry, drama and photography. My daughter led the workshop on prophetic photography and made me stay in her workshop with her as she led it.  It was fantastic!! I learned a lot and took notes.  By the 3rd workshop, she wanted to attend one herself and so did I, so we separated and I went to the drama workshop.  I walked into it just in time to join in the assignment they were doing- writing a monologue.  After we finished, we each shared what we wrote and it was wonderful.  Because I am finishing up the book and the whole following Holy Spirit is very much in the forefront for me right now, that was the subject of my short monologue. After reading it, my oldest said it sounds like a trailer to a movie. 🙂

Chasing the Wild Goose

I hide in You.  In the shadow of Your mighty wings, I abide.  I ebb and flow with You.  You lead me to do the impossible.  You lead me to do the unthinkable, unfathomable, the scary, and in them all, I find peace.  I find strength.  I find joy.  I find You.  Find You?  Not really, because You were never hiding.  It is in plain sight that You just, are.  Everywhere I look, I see You, I hear You, I touch You, taste You, smell You.  I would be lying if I said I feel alone because all I feel is, You.  You are the Wild Goose that I live to chase.  To the world, I look like a fool.  To some Christians, I look ignorant at best, but for You, I will gladly look like a fool.  I will be the biggest fool there is because life without You, living a life where I am not chasing You, is no life at all.


Top 11 Ways to Have An Unnecesarean

Just itching to have that totally unnecessary cesarean?  Here are some tips to help you get there! Here’s my version of some of the top ways to have an unnecessary cesarean.

11. Pick a caregiver, any caregiver! Better yet, choose a “lottery” practice where you get lots  of different providers.  That way when you go into labor, you won’t have a clue who’ll attend you thus increasing your chances of having one who couldn’t care less about what you thought you wanted for your birth.  If you’re lucky, you’ll get one with very high epidural, episiotomy and cesarean rates.  Cross your fingers!

10. Only take hospital sponsored childbirth classes! If you must take a class, go with the one the hospital provides.  That way you’ll learn how to be a good patient and take what they give ya with a smile- after all, “you don’t know nothin’ bout birthin’ no baby!”

9. Stay away from doulas!! Hiring a doula can totally screw up your chances of getting that unnecesarean.   You may end up with a shorter labor and  mess around and have a completely unmedicated vaginal birth.  You’ve been warned!!!

8. Agree to an induction! Don’t even ask if it’s medically necessary-  it doesn’t matter. Lots of people like things a little “undercooked” right?  Plus, your family members can’t wait to meet this new little one!  Don’t deprive them of another day without that sweet wittle schnukums!

7. Go to the hospital as soon as you think labor has begun! Think your water has broken?  Felt a small uncomfortable tinge in your lower back?  Freak out and run, to the hospital!  That way they can get a definite and  early start on the cascade of interventions that are almost guaranteed to get you a ticket on the cesarean express!  All aboard!

6. Say yes to Pitocin! Who ever figured out that this medication originally made for stomach ulcers would induce contractions in pregnant women is a genius!  Not only does it make contractions stronger and longer, your body’s ability to produce oxytocin (which also provides endorphin-like relief along with contractions) is totally inhibited and you’ll be crawling the walls in no time (if you can find the strength).  You’ll hurt so bad you’ll beg for an epidural and be that much closer to getting that unnecesarean!

5. Get an epidural! This is as important as getting pitocin.  You want to be completely immobilized so that labor can have a chance at stalling. If this doesn’t work perhaps it can help you when it’s time to push.  Everyone will scream, “Push!” because it’s “time” and you may not be able to cause you can’t feel a thing!

4. Get an amniotomy as soon as possible! What better way to be whisked away for that cesarean!  The possibility of cord prolapse is increased and the dr can then “save” the baby and be a hero!

3. Don’t eat or drink during labor. Why nourish your body at a time like this? Nah! Starve yourself and the baby, that way you’ll tire quickly and easily.  Remember the goal!

2. Accept a “failure to progress” diagnosis! Now come on, have a heart!  Your provider needs to go home for dinner with friends and family.  He/she shouldn’t have to wait until you finally decide to actually have this baby on your own.  Really, that could take a long time!

1. Just ask! Don’t beat around the bush, just ask for one. You’ll be happy to know that a lot of doctors will happily make your wishes come true!

Disclaimer: One can pretty much come to the conclusion that I’m being completely and thoroughly sarcastic and don’t at all believe any of the above is the best way to safely give birth.  Epidurals and episiotomies have their place but when used routinely, disastrous results can occur.

Please people, inform yourselves.  Arm yourselves with knowledge!

A Few Sweet Breastfeeding Facts

After birth, the areola is darkened and serves as a sort of target for baby.  It is said that babies see black and white best just after birth.  Darkened areolas help baby locate the breast in order to latch on and nurse.

Babies who are born naturally with no drugs, left to lie skin to skin on mom will crawl up their mom’s belly to nurse.  The areola is darkened as easily seen and it emits a hormone that smells like amniotic fluid.  This attracts baby to the breast and naturally encourages breastfeeding.

The crawl of the baby heading for the breast and latching on to nurse causes oxytocin to produce and helps the mother expel the placenta naturally.

After birth if baby has a fever, instead of putting the baby under heated lamps, give the baby to mom.  She has transmitters on her chest and stomach that can regulate the baby’s temperature.  Very simple, just let the baby lie on mom.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics one should breastfeed their baby at least one year and then as long as parent and child are happy.

The World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding at least 2 years.  It is not uncommon to find in other parts of the world a child 3 or 4 still nursing.  There is still nutritional value to be gained by the child even in toddlerhood.

There are unique and powerful immune building properties  in breastmilk.  The milk is sweet (yeah, I’ve tasted my milk) and it changes to meet the needs of the baby at every turn.  If mom gets sick, her milk’s composition changes to provide immunity to baby, making it less likely that the baby will get sick.   If the baby does get sick it’s often a far milder version of what the mother has contracted.

There are many medications that can still be taken while breastfeeding. Sometimes, things happen where you must take antibiotics or other medication.  Because a lot of health care professionals don’t know the effects certain medicines have on breastmilk, they err towards caution and suggest you stop breastfeeding.    This is  not always necessary.  The fact is, many medications are perfectly fine to take while breastfeeding.  See  This article includes several links to more information about medication and breastfeeding.

I wish you a wonderful holiday season!

Breastfeeding Past One Year

I never thought twice about whether or not to breastfeed my children.  I figured that’s what breasts are for and it’s what’s best and it’s free so I didn’t need any additional convincing.  I also didn’t know what challenges would lie ahead but I was up for it in order to provide the best for my baby.

I knew my grandmother breastfed her six children but she’d had alzheimer’s by the time I had my first daughter and couldn’t provide any support.  Besides her, I have a cousin who breastfed one of her daughters past 3 years.  That cousin really encouraged me and helped me to become comfortable nursing my baby in an environment where I’d never seen or heard of anyone else breastfeeding.

My goal has always been to nurse my children at least 2 years.  My husband’s family is West Indian and his grandmother always encourages me to do at least 2 years of breastfeeding.  She proudly told me that she did it with her 5 children.

My first two daughters nursed until they were between 16-18 months old.  I didn’t know back then that the birth control pill and patch that I was on would change and deplete my milk so my goal was not quite met with either of them.

Now that I’m practicing the Fertility Awareness Method ( ) my 17 month old is still going strong.  I believe she will definitely be still nursing when she turns two.  I’m committed to doing it even longer if she wants.  There, I admitted it!

Why I Homeschool

I just finished looking at a video blog created by a wonderful Black homeschool mom who goes by ahermit.  I find her videos to be very intriguing and enjoyable.  As I watched “Notes from a Black Homeschooler”,  I listened intensely to the points she made.  Then I began to think of my own journey with my girls and wondered if I could remember my main reason for rejecting the school system.

Because I’m Black, some do tend to think that’s why I homeschool.  It has to do with inequality I suppose.  I’ve gotten hints that perhaps I’m over protective or that it’s my wanting my children to have some high level of academic achievement.   I’m far more concerned with their character than I am in their doing well on some standardized exam.  I want to raise quality human beings- I see a huge lack in our society.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want sweet little idiots either.  It goes without saying that I want them to excel academically, however, more than mere academic achievement, I want my children to be great thinkers.    I find that when one has the ability to think critically, they can learn most anything they desire. They are not merely drones mindlessly following the powers that be.

But I digress…

After  thinking it over, I’m happy to say that my main reason for homeschooling hasn’t changed at all.  I enjoy my children!  I don’t need to be away from my children for any extended periods of time in order to preserve my sanity.  Of course they get on my nerves sometimes, I get on their nerves too.  And Sure, I do make time for just me and will go out alone or with friends, Who am I kidding, I mostly go out alone, lol but it’s not because my children are so horribly inconveniencing my life.  I did bring them into this world.  They didn’t ask or beg to be born.  My children were all planned.  I wanted them and I still do.  Besides loving them, I genuinely like them as people.  They’re great! 

At Nearby Park
At Nearby Park

I remember dreading the day we’d have to put my oldest in school when she was a toddler.  I enjoyed living and learning alongside her.  I never wanted that to end.  I loved seeing her eyes light up when she’d learn something new.  She always giggled when something “clicked”.   I don’t want to miss that.  I love being front and center for those moments and the moments when she needs some encouragement and maybe a hug because she’s not doing something as perfectly as she would like.  It doesn’t have a whole lot to do with academics or sheltering them or anything like that. 

I just enjoy my babies!