Sticks & Stones

Sometimes, it’s those closest to you who have the ability to hurt you the deepest. I suppose it has to do with having allowed such people deep access into your life. They are able to say things to you that affect you deeper than random passersby.

One such time for me was when a former longtime close friend said about me, (in my hearing), “You know Trice can’t just get to the point, she has to tell a story.” We all laughed, but for some reason, I almost instantly became acutely aware of my story telling habits and aimed to do a better job of getting to the point. I didn’t want to be annoying or take up people’s time droning on and on. I never thought I did that honestly, but I thought my friend of over 20 years wouldn’t steer me wrong.

Even after that relationship ended, and I started to look back and see things with that infamously clear 20/20 hindsight, I still felt sensitive about my tendency to tell a story. I will never forget literally rushing through a birth story as I was asked to speak for my midwifery school. I felt like I had to rush, but I also felt like a fool for rushing as I did. It was not one of my best moments.

Now, years later, God has taught me how to be wise when choosing friends and I am in constant awe of the ones He has blessed me with.

Several times now, without having known about the hurt that one silly comment caused me, my friends tell me that they love my stories and want to hear more. It really touches my heart, thankfully deeper than the pain caused previously.

I know I need to make more time to write the books the Lord has been speaking with me about. I look forward to spending time more consistently writing whatever the Lord wants me to write.

Today, I received yet another encouraging and touching message from somwone very dear to me. She wrote, “Patrice, can I have the honor of sitting at your feet, just to see your face as you tell your stories about encounters with God? They’re very enlightening.

I just wanted to share this with you.

But, I’m serious.” She had no idea what was said to me about this in the past but it was such a healing comfirmation of the fact that I am supposed to be telling stories, lots of them. It’s not a coincidence that I love telling and hearing them. It’s a God thing.

So pray for me as I endeavor to do what God has called me to do. I promise to pray for you to do the same.

It’s the Little Things

My mom would be the first to tell you, it really doesn’t take very much to make me happy. I can be very simple and easy in that way.

What I’m about to share may not matter much to you, but I am seriously, blissfully happy and feel so loved by my Abba.

In a nutshell, I have and/or am getting free newspaper, mulch and I am finding a new home for our beloved turtle, Thor. Let me explain.

We’ll start with Thor.

This is how small she was when we got her. Yes, Thor is a girl and we knew that from the start. Anyway, now, she is about 7 inches and looks more like this…

When we got her at a fair, I was feeling indulgent I suppose. My 3 girls begged for the turtle, saying they’d each chip in $5 to get her as she was $10 and her food $5. I quickly and ignorantly agreed.

Once we got home and did some research, I learned she needed a tank, basking dock, lamps and of course food. I felt duped, lol. Several hundreds of dollars in, I was over it all. I have complained for a few years actually, but it was mostly talk since she’s been here going on 6 years.

At this point though, her tank is too small and I really don’t want to pay for the size she needs, especially since the children are all not paying much attention to her these days.

In doing more research, we’ve found that letting her go free in a pond at a nearby park is a bad idea and finding people or organizations to take a turtle are difficult to come by since this is apparently a common problem. When my oldest looked into options, she came to me with them all and ended with the option of having her euthanized. My heart dropped. Frankly, I thought I didn’t like the turtle at all. I thought I didn’t care a bit, but I do.

I prayed. I asked God for a home for her and my oldest prophesied that whoever took her would do so knowing full well what they were getting into- it really is quite an undertaking.

I asked one person who led me to another but it kind of fell flat. At that point, I posted on Facebook in several places and now I have more than 6 people who want her and two organizations will take her if needed so we don’t have to euthanize her.

This makes me so happy!! She will get a new home, a larger space and the love she deserves.

Now for the newspaper and mulch! Did you guess it has to do with gardening? If you garden and haven’t seen this movie, watch it. You will thank me later, seriously.

I am a very Amish living, Little House On the Prairie type. I really love making almost all of my food from scratch, condiments included. I even make most of my bath and body products and medicines. I love the process. I love knowing what is in my food and other products and knowing it is good for us. Naturally, growing my own food goes along with this. The only problem is, I don’t really know what I am doing so I have only successfully grown peas in pots in my backyard.

This movie was a serious game changer as the guy Paul, was taught by God in the subject of gardening and he so selflessly is sharing this information for all who will listen and put it all into practice. This post would be too long to include many more details but I will just mention two points (of many), Paul doesn’t need to water his garden, he has never tilled the ground his food grows on and his crops produce better and better each season with very, very little effort. God told Paul what to do in the beginning so that he wouldn’t have to keep working hard on it any longer and as are most things with God, it’s all super simple and easy.

Two of the things we need to get our Back to Eden garden started, include newspaper and mulch. In the film, someone said, if you find yourself working hard to get your garden going, you’re not doing it right. Remember, His yoke is easy. His burden is light…

Again, we prayed. I even cried (tears of joy and gratefulness) as I talked to the Lord about doing a garden His way and the beauty of being able to grow my own food. I thanked Him for the ability and provision.

Today, my oldest, who watched the film and has been excited since, called a tree cutting company in our city. She told him that we need mulch and would come and pick some up if he allows it. Not only did he say yes, but he wants to deliver it to us and can do it as soon as this week.

One thing down, the other was newspaper. We have been collecting what comes to our home from nearby businesses but we need a bit more.

The recycle center was a dead end. We can check with CVS who said we could come by at night to see about getting what wasn’t sold. Then, God popped a picture in my head of a neighbor we call Granddaddy. Right away, two of my girls went over to ask if we could have his old newspaper as he gets it. Grandma answered the door and said, “Hi. What do you want?” Lol, I love Grandma’s straight shooting demeaner. When the girls explained, she told them Granddaddy gets the paper every day so come back in about 3 days to get it.

While at home, I excitedly and suddenly exclaimed, “They are coming home with some now!!” I just knew it! Sure enough, they came in with today’s paper that Granddaddy was done with and they will get the rest of what we need in a few days.

This has all been seriously easy and free!! I can’t even tell you just how thrilled I am and grateful for God’s favor and provision.

And guess what? Today, while visiting Trader Joe’s I saw the man who made me so happy telling me a story when we last shopped there. (See my last post for further explanation.) I explained to him just how much I miss my grandfather’s stories and how his telling me one made me so happy. He said that in turn made him very happy and then, he told me another heartwarming story about his grandmother. God is so sweet. I am so in love with Him!

Sweet Happenings

I enjoy most types of prophetic activation. In truth, I haven’t done one that I didn’t enjoy, I just feel there may be one I am not particularly crazy about.

It is important to me that my children have a strong, solid foundation of not just knowing that God speaks, but that they actively hear from Him as well.

I want my children to have experiences with the Lord that will forever change and mold them. I want them to know Him in such a way that there is not a shadow of doubt in their minds that not only does He exist, but He speaks, to them.

Every now and then, we do different prophetic activations together. We will sit with and listen for what He is saying, together, and share what we heard, felt, seen, etc. It’s a lot of fun.

Lately, I have been working with them on watching people to see what they can hear, see or gather. I want them to be on their toes so that when the Lord wants them to give someone a word, they hear Him clearly. I want them to get accustomed as children, to be tuned in to Abba’s frequency.

It’s not always a thing of such dire circumstances, sometimes it’s as simple as an opportunity for some fun.

I recently had one such experience and my children were all in attendance so it was pretty perfect.

I love life stories. I love telling them and hearing them equally. My grandfather was a great story teller. I loved hearing his stories, new and old ones; it never mattered. I miss him and his stories so much and the Lord, knowing this, had a sweet surprise in store for me as I visited my favorite Trader Joe’s store recently.

While shopping, an older gentlemen who worked there spoke to us. We spoke and kept shopping. When we were ready to pay, we ended up being in a line where he was the one to check us out.

He smiled and said, “It’s you again!” We laughed and before even thinking, I heard myself blurt out, “You seem to be one with the ability to tell wonderful stories. I wish we could put a couch in the middle of the store and just sit and listen to you.” He smiled and said, “I have been known to tell a tale or two.” I smiled and thought of my grandfather and felt all gooey inside imagining this mans stories when suddenly, as he checked out our items, he said, “Here’s a quick one for you… There once was an old saloon…” I stood, captivated and completely delighted as this man told my children and I a funny tale.

I take these instances as ways God chooses to play with me, be sweet to me and give me what He knows I miss or long for. I can’t wait to see that man again. I plan to tell him how much he blessed me and my children. It all happened because I spoke on a prophetic inkling I got while speaking to him.

I look forward to more opportunities like this with my Abba, He is so sweet.

Be on the lookout for nice experiences like this and more. I know I’m not the only one Abba is blessing in this way, and, if you have a moment, write me and tell me about it. I love stories!

Saying No to Trauma

We had a scare Friday night. My 9 month old son Jonathan was crawling in the kitchen as always, exploring his home, when I told my daughters who were also in the kitchen that I was going to the bathroom.

When I walked by him, he got upset (as he tends to when I seem to be leaving) but didn’t really make a fuss. I was on the phone with my mom.

While in the bathroom, I heard my oldest daughter Jaiela say somebody was blue and then my husband Jermaine told me to come downstairs now.

I hurried down the stairs and saw Jaiela pass a completely limp Jonathan to Jermaine. He talked to and rubbed Jonathan and turned him over. Jonathan was not responding at first. Jermaine told me to call 911 and as I dialed, Jonathan came to, sweating and drowsy looking.

Before I got off the phone with the people, Jonathan was behaving normally.
The people arrived and checked him out. They said he was (thankfully) perfectly fine and responsive.

No one found anything and the EMT said he could have choked on saliva, that happens. Jonathan has actually done that before but he didn’t turn blue and pass out twice.

We felt he must have quickly eaten something harmful so we watched him closely, and today, I noticed a kernel of uncooked popcorn in his stool. With a 9 month old’s trachea being smaller than a standard drinking straw, suffice it to say, it could have turned out very differently. We thank God that the baby is OK.

Immediately after the police snd EMT’s left, everyone in my family (outwardly) appeared to be back to normal; everyone except me. I know, after what we’d experienced, they were not all good either.

I feel this is something the enemy would want to use to traumatize us. I am a seer. When I recall conversations or situations, I can recall whatever I saw, even something in passing like a clock on a wall.

When planning an event once, I was asked about the space. I was able to go to the space in my mind, look around at it and see a yellow sign that said the maximum amount of occupants for the space. I saw it all over again almost as clearly as if I was there.

So, for me, although I know the possibilities full well, it wasn’t worry about what could have happened. He is fine. The problem was seeing my baby limp and unresponsive over and over again.

As we went to bed, I nursed him and began to whisper praises to God. I worshipped Him until around 2:30am and then fell asleep.

I refuse to allow the enemy to torment me. I will not be scared out of the gift to see that God has given me. I will turn this source of torment and use it to torment the enemy with praises to a God who gives generously, loves immeasurably and protects fiercely.

Even after seeing that image over and over, I also saw and continue to see evidence of angels all around this house. I praise God for that.

I am determined to fight to keep my peace. Jesus paid for it. It is mine and I won’t be robbed of it.

Even now, I can hear the Lord telling me, just after my 5th consecutive miscarriage, “You will have a son.” I remember asking Him to name my son. He eventually said, “Jonathan”. I remember crying when I looked up the meaning to find that the name Jonathan means, “Yahweh has given”. The Lord does not give and snatch away as some actually believe. That is not a good father. I wouldn’t do that to my children and I know my Abba is so much better at this parenting thing than I am. I will keep and treasure my gift.

The images can keep right on coming. I will simply use it as a praise break and worship my Abba, my God, the Many Breasted One who has done for me what I cannot and could not have done for myself. I will continue to trust and believe- no matter what.

Do You Really Want To Be Like Jesus?

We Christians love to cry out, “Lord! I am Yours! Make me more like you, Jesus! Have Your way in my life! Use me Lord!”

So many phrases like these are uttered, and then, when the Lord allows the very trials that produce a more Christ like existance to come into our lives, we falter. We get tired. We get angry. We feel unappreciated, disrespected, victimized, hurt, and more. We gripe. We moan. We complain to anyone who will listen and validate us, but when we get back to church, it’s back to, “Lord, I want to be used by You!”

It’s a wonder that the Lord doesn’t just tell us to shut up, stop lying and sit down. Do we really want to be like Jesus?

Let’s look at Jesus’ life for a moment. He was mocked and challenged, then later beaten and killed by the very ones he came to die for. He healed them and they wondered by what evil magic he was able to heal. He hung out with sinners and the self righteous ones complained. They tore out his beard, slapped him, spit on him, fell asleep when he asked them to pray, and more, and never have we read about the part where Jesus complained and griped about it to the Lord and gave up because it was too much or too hard.

We don’t see where Jesus said, “Ok. Seriously Abba? I’m done. They don’t appreciate or even understand half of what I am trying to do with and for them. They are rude, mean, ungrateful, unappreciative messes. I’m here to help them and this is the thanks I get?”

We didn’t become believer’s for our own benefit. We became believers to be conformed into the image of God’s Son. The trials we face are opportunities for us to become more like Jesus, so instead of fighting against the trials, our focus should be on learning and growing in the areas and ways that God would have us grown and learn.

We say we want to be like Jesus but we oftentimes lack the maturity to see when we have opportunities before us to do so. The Gospel is not a self serving one. Jesus said he came to serve, not be served, and, if we truly want to be like him, we must come to the same conclusion and seek to love, no matter what, at all costs.

Who Are You Really Mad At?

My dear friend Jackie posted this on her Facebook wall recently, “Don’t let someone’s sin against you produce sin in you.” — Dan Mohler.

She and I had the opportunity to do a conference with Dan Mohler last September and it was absolutely amazing. Dan Mohler (and Todd White) are the ministers to listen to when you are tempted to start feeling sorry for yourself, and/or victimized. They will help set you straight right quick.

The truth is, as bad as people’s actions towards us are, we have absolutely no right to walk around holding grudges, feeling justified in doing so because “they did me wrong”- cue the violins and commence with the whine fest.

When the tables are turned, we quickly forget that “While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” We are not only called to go higher and deeper as believers, we have also been completely enabled to do so.

We have to remember the fact that “We wrestle not against flesh and blood…”. We must put things into proper context and perspective. We have to actively choose to bask in the Lords presence, allow Him to love away all that concerns us and give us strategies so that we don’t let our broke down, already defeated foe, get any inroads into our lives.

Fighting the Lord’s way doesn’t have to be as difficult as we make it. I am learning that. We must remember who the real enemy is and together, clown his ridiculous attempts at causing us stress, relationships, loss of sleep and more. We can’t continue to let someone who is already defeated, deceive us into hating one another and acting on it. May we get a deeper revelation of who we are, what we have and move forward with confidence, power, authority, and most of all, love.

Understanding God

Proverbs 25:2 (NLT) says, It is God’s privilege to conceal things and the king’s privilege to discover them.

All too often, God speaks to us, but we miss what He is trying to convey. One thing I love about Him is how crafty He is with hiding things right in front of me. It is for me to go to Him for further explanation in order to gain clarity and move in the right direction.

I have been having so many dreams lately where I am losing (sometimes to death) one of my children. For a while, it seemed my dreams were centered around my oldest son who is 3 years old. He was attacked by a snake, fell down a hole that was just large enough for him to fall through, he fell off a bridge, all sorts of horrific dreams.

Last night, I dreamed about my 14 year old daughter. In the dream, I was handed an ID card with her face on it. Someone had taken a permanent marker and drew tears streaming down her face.

Suddenly, I began to see what I can only describe as a movie playing, on the card. As I watched, I saw my daughter, dressed in the typical orange suit prisoners wear, on a bus, along with other prisoners who were also young girls. My daughter was trying to find a seat when several of the girls began to attack her. I could do nothing to help my child and watched the card helplessly. I quickly forced myself to wake up.

Morning is oftentimes the time I have to myself. I sat, prayed for and declared over my daughter as I had my son, after having dreams that I thought were about him.

After doing this, I noticed that I did not feel any better but I went on about my morning.

Soon, my oldest and youngest were awake and as my oldest held my youngest in the next room, I stood in the kitchen, turned the water on full blast so I could not be heard, and I cried hard. I kept thinking, “Doesn’t she know how much I love her and want to be intimately connected to her? I don’t want this for her!”

After a while, I got on a chat with my tribe. We chat all day, everyday. it is wonderful. I mentioned that I had cried and why, and one sister and brother, Jenny and Scott, mentioned that my dreams are for the youth in general, not my biological children.

It often takes someone from the outside, looking in, to bring clarity. It made so much sense of why even after praying for and declaring over my daughter, I still felt awful. Isn’t it interesting how the very words I said to myself about my daughter knowing how much I love her, is exactly the way the Lord feels about all of us? I now believe He is giving me a glimpse of His heart towards the youth, all of us really. His love is immeasurable. Too much for our finite minds to comprehend.

As I sat, nursing my baby, I went back into prayer and will continue to do so. I am praying for and declaring over our youth. They will not be deceived, led on and destroyed by the enemy any further. They are confident and bold as a lion, sharing God’s Word and the ways of His Kingdom where ever they go. They are mighty and walk in a power and authority unlike any the world has ever seen. They change atmospheres for the better by merely passing through and their identity is sealed and solid in the One who created them.

I will continue to pray for and declare over them. I get it now, Abba. I’m on it. And wouldn’t you know? That heaviness that remained after thinking it was about my daughter is lifting now.

Rambling and Thanking God For My Tribe

This year in November, around Thanksgiving to be exact, will mark 3 years that we have been a part of Heaven’s Invasion.  I am absolutely floored when I sit and consider all that God has done in such a short period of time.

I remember the first time I went.  Heaven’s Invasion was having a Thanksgiving potluck before service, and Gary Fishman was to be there from the Bronx.  He’d invited me and asked me to speak about something.

I remember my oldest and I going and being excited.  We sat at a table with Scott whose enormous frame, standing at well over 6 feet, did nothing at all to deter us from striking up conversation and feeling totally comfortable with him.

I remember hearing others share a bit, and then, when it was my turn, Russ, who I didn’t know at the time, looked at me and said my name and asked me to come up.  His familiarity with my name alone shocked me, as I’d expected him to have to ask Gary for my name.

I remember the service and worship just felt like home.  In that moment, I knew that this was where I belonged, although I was attending another church Sunday mornings.  I would continue to attend Heaven’s Invasion, Sunday nights until the Lord directed me further.

Eventually, the Lord led me to leave the church I attended in the mornings and planted me firmly at Heaven’s Invasion.  Through Heaven’s Invasion, I gained more family, through the different events held by Kingdom Training Institute, Calvary Tabernacle and The Sanctuary Fellowship in the Bronx.

I have learned the hard way, as most have, that I needed to be very discerning about who I allowed in, how deeply I allowed people in and who I could and couldn’t share things with.  I learned to still be free to be me, but to keep my eyes open.

Now, I am learning to open up in an environment with people where I am safe. I remember meeting my Evelin.  I felt like I had known her all my life, and, after being around her a second time, I told her that she was going to be my friend.  I just knew it.  After being hurt so much in the past, because of my own poor choices, I felt I’d outgrown the term “best friends”, but she truly is one of my very best friends.  I can readily admit that now.  Also, we have a little core group now and I can confidently add that term to JuLissa and Lisandra as well.  In truth, what we have is far deeper than the term that has a bit of a kiddie feel to it.  These women mean everything to me.  These are a few of the women, with whom I feel no walls.  Thankfully, there are many others as well.

To be surrounded on so many fronts with such love and support seems like I’m cheating at times. And the changes!!  I never in a million years imagined I’d be doing much of anything I am doing now.  I am regularly prophesying over people where ever I am.  This includes phone calls I have to make to businesses for home repairs and services.  I love it when I’m asked at the end of a call with Verizon or some other company if I have any other questions or comments.  That’s oftentimes my cue to unleash God’s love on the unsuspecting representative.  I can’t tell you how many times, after prophesying over a representative from one company or another, how they open up, sometimes crying, and start to share a bit of their lives with me.  What an honor!!

As I look back, in just shy of 2 years, I have gained a solid foundation in the prophetic, became a worship leader, youth leader and an ordained minister to boot!  When connected with the right people, God can do some crazy things, crazy fast!! I feel both, new and different, and completely comfortable and at home with my life as it has become, and it’s still changing!  There’s so much more to come!  God has said it and I just feel it!

I pray that you are connected to the ones God would have you connected with.  This is what life is supposed to be like in His Kingdom-family, fellowship, discipleship, love.  I so enjoy doing life with my core group.  I pray that you have this too!



On The Receiving End

I love what Luke 6:38 says (CJB), “Give, and you will receive gifts —the full measure, compacted, shaken together and overflowing, will be put right in your lap. For the measure with which you measure out will be used to measure back to you!”

We all want to receive, some more than others. We all know people who always seem to have their hand out, lol.  Then, there are those of us who, present company included, aren’t so good at being on the receiving end of a blessing.  When it comes to gifts, some of us are good at dishing them out, but we aren’t so good with taking it in.  We see a verse like Luke 6:38 and praise God alongside our brothers and sisters, but when the Lord sends someone to bless us, we shy away and do our best to decline their efforts.  This is silly.

The King James version of this verse is a bit different, it actually says “shall men give into your bosom”.  Let’s take a look at it. “ Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.”

So, God tells me to bless this one, and in turn, He sends someone my way to bless me, and what do I do?  I do my best to turn them away. Prideful much? Barring the Almighty literally dropping things into your lap from the heavens above, (and He can do that if He so chooses) we have to consider that He just might use men to repay us. Those of us who aren’t so comfortable with this, need to learn to get comfortable, because God seems to really enjoy using people to bless people.  It’s kinda His thing, I think.

We had a very ridiculous situation happen recently, where our electric company, with whom we have a substantial credit balance, cut our electricity off.  We had to have some work done but the process was lengthy to say the least. A permit had to be pulled from the city before the work could be done. Then, inspections had to be done by both the city and the electric company and more.  Seventeen days later, our power was restored.  No, that wasn’t a typo, 17 days with no power.  It was either too hot or too cold to stay in our home.  We have no family here and because we are a family of 7, off to hotels, we went.  My mother helped us with 5 nights in hotels, and then we ended up traveling out of state to her home for the last 4 nights. All in all, it was very costly.

Upon returning, we had to throw out everything. A massive cleaning, not to mention deodorizing had to take place as things were quite moldy in our fridge. It was just, a mess.  Then, we had to start over from scratch.

You know how you have people in your life who say, “Please let me know if you need anything…” and you just smile, nod, and say, “Ok.”?  I called on each, asking, (super uncomfortably, I might add) if they would help us with groceries.

We need to restock badly, and with 7 people, it’s no small feat, believe me.  The help we have gotten and are still getting is nothing short of amazing.  When people say they want to help, let them.  Don’t rob people of the blessing they will receive when they help you.

Again, I’m not talking about people who always have their hand out, always on the receiving end and rarely on the giving end.  I’m talking about the ones who seriously struggle with allowing people to bless them with things, even when they are truly in need.  This is a heart issue that I dare say, will continue to be an issue until it is properly addressed with the help of our Heavenly Father.

The Lord wants to give us good gifts.  He is a good Father. He wants to bless us more than we want to be blessed, and He often will use people to do it.  Plus, let’s get real, if He sent some enormous angel with a basket of money or whatever, most of us would freak out completely.  He knows that.  Also, God is such a serial blesser. (Shhh, I know that’s not a real word.)  He is so good at blessing everyone involved and passing it on exponentially.  We can never out give Him.  It’s impossible.  So the take home this week for those of us who struggle with receiving is, get it together!  You love blessing others, let somebody do something for you sometime!  You’d be surprised to see how many would jump at the opportunity to bless you.  And those on the other side, the ones who always have that hand open to receive, get yourself set to give!  It’s the best side! 😉

Where Are These Thoughts Coming From?

Post partum hormones can sure make a fool out of a woman.  One moment, you’re blissfully happy, enjoying your new infant and then the next, all hope is gone and you find yourself crying out in despair, lol!  It’s so ridiculous.  I can be fully aware that I am in one of those unreasonable moments but still, if I’m not mindful, I can be swept along that wave of depression as if my life is absolutely awful.

God has been working with me on pinpointing and speaking the opposite of the negative thoughts that come my way at times.  I have felt at times that I am useless, not doing anything productive with my life, just allowing life and opportunities to pass me by.  Of course, the truth is, I just had a baby, am in the post partum period, which should be a time of rest and just being.  It’s not at all the time to run around doing things.  It’s a time of recovery and discovery as I get to know my newborn and settle into my new normal.  Another truth is, there are no missed opportunities for me in Christ.  I believe that anything that is for me will come right back around when I am able to take full advantage of it so I’m not missing a thing.  Furthermore, what I’d be a fool to miss, is this time of getting to know my baby, that would be the dumbest opportunity missed of all and his newborn stage?  I can’t get that back.

I have also been alerted by Holy Spirit that I have been holding myself to my past.  Growing up, I used to fight a lot and I still have referred to myself as violent and unpredictable when angry.  The truth is, I have grown and I am not that scared girl who feels backed up against the wall and fights her way out any longer.  The truth is, with each passing day, each passing moment even, I am becoming more and more like Christ.  I am more and more the real Patrice.  The one my Abba sees when he gazes upon me. Also, what’s nuts is that my Abba does not hold me to my past, so why should I?

Thank God for mind renewal! He is teaching me to pay close attention to the source of the thoughts that come my way. Whether they are from me, the enemy, or both, I am to reject and declare the truth.  I’m committed to doing just that.  What about you?  Are there areas you need to make declarations over?  Ask Holy Spirit to help you to not participate in self deprecation and other negative behaviors.  Get your mind right and be who God created you to be.  Be who He sees and enjoy life from that perspective. With His help, pinpoint where your thoughts are coming from and declare and rejoice in the truth.  He knows exactly who you are, He created you.  Get His insight, grow and be that glorious you that God refused to live without.  The truth is, you are magnificent! So walk and talk like it!