A Word for 2016

Near the end of last year, Gary Fishman called me and asked me to call in to the show Strategic Insights with what I heard God saying for 2016. Before I could rebuff with an, “I don’t know” or anything at all, I heard the word ‘Acceleration’.  I now know enough to know that one word is more than enough to start with.  When I called in, I said something like the following: This is a year where those who have been truly seeking the Lord and walking with Him will experience acceleration like never before. There will be breakthrough in this year.  People will be elevated and promoted and pushed to the forefront, all for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.  I see things happening in a way that will provoke others who weren’t even considering the Kingdom, to come on over.  It is a time when people who have wavered and kind of had one foot in and the other out, will need to make a decision as things are going to move, fast, with or without them.

That was pretty much the gist of what I said on the show.  Now, as I type this, I also see people shedding cracked, brown, crusty layers of what looks like hardened clay or skin.  It reminds me of animals molting.  I see people shedding off old, crusty, religious mindsets that actually hinder their intimacy with the Father.  I see eyes being opened as scales fall off and people being truly alive, joyful and well on their way to their destiny.  I see more and more people who are not concerned with their brand of Christianity but instead are focused on Jesus and the mandate to reach and love on the lost, healing the sick, casting out demons and raising the dead.  It’s about to become associated with normal Christianity on a much broader spectrum than ever before. I see the giant that is the Church waking up and taking ground like never before.  Exciting stuff!!