The Tether

My oldest (girl) is 23 today. As I type, she is on her way to her latest adventure out west. Yesterday, we surprised her with an ice cream cake a day early, and sang to her. I can’t help but smile as I think of her. I remember, before she got her current job, I saw and told her that she would be able to work remotely from where ever she chose. She has been living that out since 2020 and has some absolutely fantastic experiences in 3 different states “under her belt”. She is truly living and thriving.

A few weeks ago, I told her a heartwarming story…

“After you were born, we were tethered to each other still, as in the womb. This tether is invisible but very much present and strong.

As you grew and needed me less and less, the tether elongated bit by bit. This tether, from my heart to yours, will always remain, forever. It will never be severed. If/when you need or just want me, give that tether a little tug and I will be there.”

This morning, as her dad was about to take her to the airport, I said, “Don’t forget the tether.” Literally, the only issue I have had with her is that she can be forgetful. That’s it. No attitude, no behavioral issues, nothing.

This heifer said, “I don’t know what you mean.” She totally ruined it, lol!

She is the first of five I have earth side. Being a mother is and has always been one of my favorite things about life.

My Birthday Gift From You!

I really should have done this post sooner but, well, here it is now 🙂 !

At the time of me typing this, it is March 4, my birthday! I am 42 today and feeling very excited and new, even at 42.

This year (and forever more), I am all about self love. I didn’t realize I was behaving in a codependent manner all my life and (low-key) hating myself. That is changing though, and because I genuinely love people, I want you to get in on this self love.

So today (even if you see this and my birthday has passed), I want a gift from you. I want you to join me in celebrating, and I want you to celebrate you! Do at least one thing today that you enjoy and make sure it is truly something for you! If you care to, share with me what you did or plan to do.

One thing I will do today is sit and spend time with my Abba. I will have my pen and journal handy and will write whatever He says to me.

I think I’ll do a painting tutorial too! I love to paint. I find it so relaxing.

That’s it for now, but please, love yourself today and always. And, don’t forget about my birthday gift mentioned above. You owe me, lol! Just kidding, but you do owe yourself plenty of love, so get to it!