To Be Seen

I really thought I was hard to see but I am realizing with great surprise that this is another big lie I have believed.

I have felt misunderstood by my mother for the vast majority of my life. She would tell me that she knows me best and would also say I was things like selfish, rude, manipulative, etc. Now, in truth, I didn’t think I was these things and didn’t intend to be any of them either, but when you’re a child and you’re taught these things about yourself, you believe them.

I thought, if my mother can’t see that I am really trying hard to be perfect, something is wrong with me. If she can’t see that I’m trying hard to do my very best to make her and everyone else proud and happy, and it isn’t coming through, something is wrong with me. I’m not doing it right. Being massively misunderstood is no fun at all. Being told you are the exact opposite of who you are is devastating and degrading. In my mind, since my true intentions weren’t obvious, I just needed to try harder, do better. That was my thinking for most of my life.

Now, I am coming across more and more people who are telling me things about myself, things that are actually true of my character, and I am dumbfounded. I wonder, “How do they know?”, they seem psychic or something. How is it that they see so clearly what my own mother, who says she knows me best, doesn’t see?

It didn’t dawn on me until recently that perhaps I am not at all difficult to see, I am who I believe I am and maybe the problem begins and ends with my mother. Maybe she does in fact see who I really am but doesn’t want to admit it to me. I don’t know.

Regardless, I am experiencing shock after shock as people I am friends with on social media describe me perfectly.

I posted about missing my oldest who just moved out, and one dear Facebook friend said to me, “You are so close with your kids, so intentional, you’re such a good mom, you’re real friends. I thought this was going to be really hard for you.”

Another dear Facebook friend wrote, “To not ache, I’d be concerned. I know you well enough to know she’s your sidekick. Your babies are your friends… and it’s beautiful and painful and messy and wonderful, and all the things. This is a testament of what an amazing mama you are!”

I am an open person but even with what I do share, I don’t share everything. To have these two women see the real me like this amazes me. I have only met one of them in person and that was only one time, probably a good 10 years ago, but they see me. And now, I understand that it isn’t that I am hard to truly see. They see me because they want to and the real me doesn’t present some sort of imposition for them in any way. They don’t feel the need to tear me down in order to feel better about themselves. It’s good to be seen for who I am. It’s good to know that I don’t have to try to be perfect. It’s good to know I can just relax and be myself and that is not just enough, but it’s plenty. It really feels good. Actually, it’s not just good. It’s great.

Holy Spirit is the Best Guide, I Promise

Browsing through Facebook can be an exasperating adventure at times.  Ok, honestly, I’m being dramatic.  I’m more annoyed and smh (shaking my head) than anything.  I have a few times now, come across posts where people have taken on this role of being a Jr Holy Spirit.  You know these people. People who make it their business, believing it is their Christian duty to school you on what and who is demonic, a false teacher, or of the occult, etc.

They give us lists of people who they have deemed unfit and warn us to stay away.  This is their “ministry” primarily.  They don’t want others to be deceived.  While it is a nice idea, I can’t help but see pride at the root of it. They have and know all the answers and anyone who doesn’t listen to them is in grave danger of being deceived.  I have heard of people who take entire sermons to speak out against another persons ministry.  I find it very telling and odd.  We have a hurting and dying world out there that needs to be healed and loved and instead of making that our priority, we have people in the Church just being divisive and totally unproductive.

When a person accepts Christ, He moves in.  We each have Holy Spirit available to us to teach us and guide us.  Where did all these other guides come from and who appointed them?  Perhaps, instead of bashing the likes of Joel Osteen, we should all be renewing our minds, learning who we truly are in Christ and changing the world.  I see the rest as distractions. Distractions that are, ironically, demon led.  The people that I know of who go on these people bashing sprees aren’t casting out any demons, healing any sick, nor are they raising any dead. They aren’t focused on loving people as Romans 13:8 says or changing lives.  They seem bent on majoring in minor things and are missing out on the abundant life Jesus intended.

Here’s the thing though, I have people in my life who I have a relationship with and trust, who are able to let me know if I am venturing upon a false teacher/prophet.  I appreciate that and welcome it but it is never a big, ongoing production where they stand on their soapbox droning on and on. No, they are too busy doing what they are truly called to do.  I think we should all seek to do what we were created to do and leave Holy Spirit to do His job.  He is more than capable and doesn’t need our help.