Grateful To Hear From God

My greatest pleasure has to be the fact that God speaks to me and I hear Him. Growing up, I was taught about a god being more so, a distant deity, not really a person with feelings. Well that god had anger, and plenty of it, lol. I know God to be totally different from the one I was taught about while growing up.

Looking back on my life, I now understand that God has been speaking to me -and I have actually listened, quite a bit. I now know that so much of what I have done in life was because of His leading. He’s had me travel paths that I didn’t know existed so there was no previous interest in them. He has led me to have the types of birth experiences I’ve had, from my first and only hospital birth to go on to have unassisted homebirths. I went from sending my oldest to daycare, inwardly dreading her first day of real school, to taking her out of daycare and going on to unschool her and my other children.

With the track record God has established between us, I trust Him implicitly when He gives me a directive. That’s not to say that I don’t get afraid. I most certainly do. I am just ok with moving forward in spite of fear. Really, it’s because this is God we’re talking about. It has happened many times that people want me to do one thing when God has directed me clearly to do the opposite. I always go with God. In that way, I am not a fool.

I find that God can get real weird in His directives with me at times. I think He does it sometimes just to show me (not Himself) how willing I am to follow Him. He already knows what I will do from one moment to the next. I believe He’s teaching me about myself in these instances. He’s showing me how I can advance to greater levels of trust and intimacy with Him. Sometimes it’s fun, other times it’s hard, there’s pain involved, but it’s always good.

So, I will keep right on trusting and following Him, even when others are saying something different. Some even say that what they are telling me to do is from Him. Sometimes I laugh it off, knowing what He told me directly. Other times, I freak out and He gently says, “Who are you going to listen to?” Now, more than ever before, I am so grateful that I hear Him.

The Process of Metamorphosis

It has felt like a long and hard road for so many in my inner circle.  So many back to back trials, some big, game changing trials, and others, small annoyances, but the trials seemed to come one after another.

I’ve felt, even in the midst of my own trials, that God was up to something big. I firmly believe that the trials we don’t cause ourselves and thus experience natural consequences for, are present to help mature us and enable us to be able to handle the blessings and new things God wants to bring our way.

I feel strongly that we are in such an amazing time of transformation.  It feels as if some major changes are taking place. God is taking those who are willing, from one state of being, to another that is a bit foreign at times, but glorious. Some thoughts that I admittedly have had for quite a while are really magnified and highlighted to me these days.  Thoughts about what it truly means to believe Him over everything and everyone.  I’m also having thoughts about what it really means to be a daughter of the King of Kings.  It struck me a few weeks back, when I was about to be faced with a circumstance that normally brings about some sense of trepidation, I began down that negative path and God said to me, “Who are you?” I immediately came to myself, sat up straighter and had a great time.

Thank God that He speaks!! I am intrigued by Proverbs 25:2 which says it is the glory of God to conceal a thing but the glory of kings is to search out a matter.  My daughter and I have noticed that during most of our runs (except our rainy runs), a butterfly or two crosses our path.  We didn’t think much of it at first but it kept happening so we took notice. Yesterday after Heaven’s Invasion was over and we stood around chatting, someone brought up butterflies and their symbolism, and I remembered the ones that seem to join us on our runs.  Butterflies symbolize things like metamorphosis, hope, and endurance.  Russ mentioned Romans 12:2 which says that we are to be transformed by the renewing of our minds.  He said the word for transformed is the same as metamorphosis.  That struck me.  I enjoy running and will continue, but I did start this as an effort by which to lose weight and it is happening.  My daughter and I are literally changing our bodies from the inside out in a physical sense.  And, while that is happening, the Lord is also doing the same in my mind and heart.  He is removing negative and destructive thoughts, behaviors and patterns, and replacing them with Truth.  I can most certainly attest to going through a major metamorphosis right now.

I see the butterflies as a promise.  I feel that all the hard work is paying off and will continue to do so, and, something absolutely beautiful will come out of it all.  Of course, I am eager for the end product, but, I will do my best to enjoy the journey of getting there.  There’s a lot of beauty to behold in the journey as well.  I just thank God that He speaks.  What has He been saying to you lately?


Life Giving Words

I enjoy encouraging people.  It’s something that comes natural to me.  If I see or notice something about a person, I feel the need to tell them.  Oftentimes, I have taken this compulsion as just a little thing but I am seeing more and more that it isn’t a small thing at all.  There are times when, what to me seems minuscule, means the world to others. Each time I am faced with this fact, it startles me a bit.

See, you never know how one kind word can impact someone.  A person could be having a really tough time, or worse, have suicidal thoughts, and one kind word could make all the difference.

I know of one such time where the words used, weren’t even kind per se, they were just words, but they meant everything, so much so, that a life was literally saved.  If I remember correctly, my brother Scott who told a group of us about this, said the words were, “Yellow flamingo”. If I’m wrong, we’ll just pretend that’s correct.

There was an event (Christian gathering of some sort), and someone got a word from the Lord and it was “yellow flamingo”.  They got nothing else, no insight whatsoever.  So, when the opportunity came for them to get on the mic and say it, although they felt beyond silly, they went.  Imagine, a gathering filled with people and you get “A word from the Lord” like that with nothing else.  Now, there are times that I get what to me is a strange word and nothing more.  Then, when I say that part, the Lord gives me more.  It’s an exercise of trust.  Anyway, this poor soul got nothing else, lol, even after saying it.  So, after getting on the mic and saying, “Yellow flamingo”, and getting nothing else from the Lord, the person turned, intending to return to their seat.

Suddenly, there was a loud cry. The (crying) person was approached.  Sobbing, the person said that they had planned to commit suicide once they returned home that evening.  They hadn’t even planned on attending the event but had the sudden urge to go, and before leaving, they told the Lord, “If you tell someone to say ‘yellow flamingo’ to me, I won’t kill myself.”  Well, that brave person literally saved a life that day.  We just never know how we can help others.

This is why, in part, when I feel impressed by the Lord to say something, anything to others, I just do it.  I’m only responsible for being obedient in giving the word, I’m not responsible for what happens next.  I just need to do my part.  Imagine if the person thought, “Yellow flamingo?  That doesn’t even make sense! I’m not saying that!  I must be just making stuff up!”, and said nothing.  If they had stayed silent, a precious life would have been lost that evening, but God is so good that He told a person who would push past feeling uncomfortable or even embarrassed, and just deliver the life saving words to the one who desperately needed it. Wow!!

God is really good at getting us to step out of our comfort zone, but we have to be willing to go.  The rewards of following His leading in this way are nothing short of amazing but it can also be a quite sobering experience.  You just never know.  I encourage you this week, to unleash a multitude of encouraging words over others.  No one should be safe from getting a kind word from you.  I challenge you to especially do it with one who is being… a bit difficult to love, hahaha.  That’s some real stuff right there! If you find that too difficult, baby steps, give a kind word to someone else.  Have fun with it.  It’s like scattering seeds of something delicious and looking back to see that you have an enormous harvest to enjoy.  It is one of those things that blesses the person and you, and it feels wonderful!  So, go for it!  Bless some people with kind words and watch how things change for you.