Who’s Speaking?

This blog post comes in response to one of my dear readers, Selah Vita. Both Selah Vita and God have recently brought up the conundrum many of us find ourselves in when we “hear” something. We wonder, “Is it me? Is it God, or is it the devil?” I thought I’d share my thought process on this confusion, in hopes of helping someone.

The easiest one for me to knock out quickly is the enemy speaking. In John 10:10, Jesus said that the thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy. So, if what I am hearing goes along those lines in some way, or makes me feel guilt ridden, condemned or some other horrible emotion, that’s very likely not God and is most likely inspired by the enemy. Romans 8:1 says there is no therefore no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus. There’s so many verses that speak to the character of the enemy that once you have that knowledge, it isn’t so difficult to discern the tricks of the enemy.

The same is true for Abba. When you know His character, it’s easier to discern when He is the one speaking to you or even through you. One cliche that rings true is that God is good all the time. He truly is good. He is all, in all. He is good. He is love. He is peace. He is life. You get the picture. One habit I picked up several years back, is that I literally blame every good thing that happens on God. This one habit ends up having a ripple effect that is amazing. Something good happens, I give Him the credit for it which makes me more grateful, joyful, happy, etc. Then, it causes me to be on the lookout for more evidence of Him, which makes me more tuned into Him, which makes me see even more of Him, and on and on. He is literally all over the place, in all the details.

While away on vacation, we visited a Trader Joe’s store. A clerk with a gorgeously wild, red, curly mane gave my children a bag filled with lollipops and me a free reusable Florida bag. I blamed God. Like most children, I have 2 in particular, who are crazy about Trader Joe’s lollipops and I happen to be just as crazy about reusable bags. The man didn’t know this, but God does, and, that man offered himself to God (whether he knew it or not) to be used to love on us with things we enjoy while away. It’s like kisses and hugs from God, reminding us of His everlasting presence.

So again, I blame every good thing that happens on God. That gets me to the “suddenlies” that occur. When I am looking for something and suddenly envision where I last put it and find it. When I suddenly have a thought or idea that follows no logical thought pattern that I had going- it’s typically God. When I, a staunch believer in not just homeschooling, but unschooling, got a thought about a nearby trade school and my middle daughter, no question, that was God, lol. I even said to Him aloud, “Ok. I will check it out.” Only He could have orchestrated that and known that my girl, who has never attended school, would be excited to go, even if it’s only 2 hours a day.

Sometimes, there’s a feeling that goes along with Him speaking. There are times I hear Him and feel compelled to do or say something. Other times, I feel a sense of excitement, joy, or even negative emotions another person feels. This is the way He has me relate and open conversations with others at times. I have felt the impact of accidents I wasn’t involved in- not with the pain included, just the shock of it all and the knowledge of the vehicles involved, things like that. This has happened several times and each time, I would begin to pray in tongues and would eventually find out exactly who I was praying for and how they miraculously came through the accident unscathed. I like to call that, Holy Intel. There’s so much I could say!! God is so creative and exciting. He speaks in so many ways and uses literally anything. We have but to be tuned in.

The last one, “Is it just me?” can be easy at times and tricky at other times but because God is good, I trust Him to give me a good old stop sign if I am heading in the wrong direction. One such time was when my husband and I felt it was time to move from New Jersey, back down to Florida, where we married and started our family. We were so excited to head back down there, we prayed, and had it on our family vision board. We marveled at how often we saw Florida tags while driving along in New York and New Jersey. My husband put in for transfers to several locations in the state of Florida. We just knew it was time to go. We even packed some things in boxes in our garage as evidence of our faith to move back to Florida. Basically, God said, “Not yet.” Because of the connections my husband has and more, the move should have been super easy and smooth. We should have had the “problem” of having to choose which location we wanted to accept in Florida, but God closed every single door and you know what? We are eternally grateful. We needed to remain here and make the connections we now have which are so vitally important to us and even in the Kingdom of God. We may still head to Florida someday, but we are quite happy to be here at this time, because we know it’s where we belong. It’s where God wants us.

In this example, where it clearly was not God’s idea for us to move, we lost nothing. We operated out of faith and did many things that are very positive and hope building and more. I say that to say, don’t let fear of “Is it just me?” stop you from stepping out in faith. Move forward knowing God is with you and will help you. We learned a lot of things that God would use later, so even in getting it “wrong”, a lot of good came out of it.

There’s also times when it’s obvious that a thought is so not God. Thoughts that are selfish, rude, mean, etc. Again, there’s so much that can be said, but I don’t want to write too much here. As always, you can also simply ask the Lord to help you to better discern where thoughts are coming from. He is more than happy to help because as stated before, He is good!

Oh! Before I forget! To my dear Selah Vita, this is your year honey. I know the New Year has come and gone but this is a new beginning for you. I believe you have lots of surprises in store for you this year. Some things that you have thought about and wanted, and others that weren’t even on your radar, all coming your way, this year. I also believe this year you are receiving what I can only reference as a tune up to tune in, to Him. You will find that by the end of this year, you have less and less of an issue discerning exactly where thoughts, ideas and phrases are coming from. Write, Selah Vita! Write down those thoughts and dreams and visions you are getting. They all mean something. In fact, some of the guessing will be addressed and answered in dreams, so write these things down. You are building a log book of faith, lol. You will have all these instances and situations that you can look back on and see how very much our Abba loves and speaks to you and through you. Have fun with this and pass on what you learn!! You have so much to teach and offer others. Love you!

Hearing God For Yourself

Hearing God is not just for the pastor, preacher, prophet or other leader in the Church, it’s a basic right for everyone.  For some, it’s a very easy and simple thing, but for those for whom it’s not so easy, learning to hear His voice is still very much a possibility and truly should be the highest priority.

Hearing from Him is so exciting and life changing! I want everyone to experience it! He wants everyone to experience it even more!  How can one claim to have a relationship with someone they only talk to, but don’t feel like they hear back from?  Relationships don’t work like that.

Hearing from God has dispelled so many lies and myths.  It’s wonderful to be able to go straight to The Source on any matter that comes up.  I’m learning more and more to do that- go to Him first instead of people.  Even well meaning people won’t always get it right, but God will, every single time.

One of the things I remember being taught that God Himself has eliminated and proven false, is that silent prayers are ineffective.  I was taught that when you pray, you must give voice to it or it simply isn’t effective.  Also, when those “moments of silence” are called for, that too was said to pretty much be a waste of time.

Now, those moments of silence are my favorite moments!  I hear God speaking to me so clearly in the stillness of the moment.  When I am quiet and waiting attentively to hear from Him, He speaks in so many ways and it’s the sweetest thing.  For me, this epitomizes what Psalm 46:10 says, ” Be still and know that I am God.” Besides, in order to have an effective conversation with someone, there absolutely needs to be a moment at least when you just shut up.  It’s quite effective in conversation, this idea of shutting up so the other person can speak. 🙂

Also, in prophesying, I sometimes have full blown conversations with my Abba in the silence of my heart.  It’s a true heart to Heart, spirit to Spirit talk.  It’s the kind of conversation that, if it wasn’t effective, every single prophecy would just be rubbish.  I’ll share one story…

I was at my favorite Trader Joes, my order was being rung up by a guy.  When I looked at him, I heard the Lord say, “He’s worried.”  In my heart, I said, “OK.  So, what do you want me to do, tell him?  I think he knows already.”  Abba simply said, “Yes.”  At that point, I laughed (out loud like a fool, mind you) and said in my heart, “Um, Abba, you do know that we don’t do this right?  This isn’t very politically correct to get all up in people’s business like this. (As if He cares about being politically correct.)   What am I supposed to tell him anyway? How do I approach this?”  Abba said nothing, but immediately the song playing in the store switched to Stevie Wonder’s “Don’t You Worry Bout a Thang.”  Again, I laughed out loud, (I know, I’m a little off) and said in my heart, “You’re so cute Abba!!  Ok, I get it. Thank you!”

Then I proceeded to tell them man that I sensed that he was worried and that I think they are playing his song and some other things the Lord began to give me the moment I decided to simply open my mouth with the first thing He told me to say.  The guy was astonished and touched.  In the end, he asked me, “Are you psychic?”  I smiled and said, “No.  I hear from God.”