Sweet Happenings

I enjoy most types of prophetic activation. In truth, I haven’t done one that I didn’t enjoy, I just feel there may be one I am not particularly crazy about.

It is important to me that my children have a strong, solid foundation of not just knowing that God speaks, but that they actively hear from Him as well.

I want my children to have experiences with the Lord that will forever change and mold them. I want them to know Him in such a way that there is not a shadow of doubt in their minds that not only does He exist, but He speaks, to them.

Every now and then, we do different prophetic activations together. We will sit with and listen for what He is saying, together, and share what we heard, felt, seen, etc. It’s a lot of fun.

Lately, I have been working with them on watching people to see what they can hear, see or gather. I want them to be on their toes so that when the Lord wants them to give someone a word, they hear Him clearly. I want them to get accustomed as children, to be tuned in to Abba’s frequency.

It’s not always a thing of such dire circumstances, sometimes it’s as simple as an opportunity for some fun.

I recently had one such experience and my children were all in attendance so it was pretty perfect.

I love life stories. I love telling them and hearing them equally. My grandfather was a great story teller. I loved hearing his stories, new and old ones; it never mattered. I miss him and his stories so much and the Lord, knowing this, had a sweet surprise in store for me as I visited my favorite Trader Joe’s store recently.

While shopping, an older gentlemen who worked there spoke to us. We spoke and kept shopping. When we were ready to pay, we ended up being in a line where he was the one to check us out.

He smiled and said, “It’s you again!” We laughed and before even thinking, I heard myself blurt out, “You seem to be one with the ability to tell wonderful stories. I wish we could put a couch in the middle of the store and just sit and listen to you.” He smiled and said, “I have been known to tell a tale or two.” I smiled and thought of my grandfather and felt all gooey inside imagining this mans stories when suddenly, as he checked out our items, he said, “Here’s a quick one for you… There once was an old saloon…” I stood, captivated and completely delighted as this man told my children and I a funny tale.

I take these instances as ways God chooses to play with me, be sweet to me and give me what He knows I miss or long for. I can’t wait to see that man again. I plan to tell him how much he blessed me and my children. It all happened because I spoke on a prophetic inkling I got while speaking to him.

I look forward to more opportunities like this with my Abba, He is so sweet.

Be on the lookout for nice experiences like this and more. I know I’m not the only one Abba is blessing in this way, and, if you have a moment, write me and tell me about it. I love stories!

Prophetic Ramblings

I hope you had a wonderful time last week celebrating with family and friends. ¬†I took a bit of a break as I really didn’t know what to say in the midst of several pretty monumental moments of revelation I experienced on and the day after Thanksgiving. I think my Abba enjoys dropping revelatory bombs on me that cause me to stop dead in my tracks from time to time. ūüôā

This post may be a little weird or out there for some but I’m going to move right along in it anyway.

I feel very strongly like there’s a lot of new things in store within the Body of Christ and then the world at large. ¬†God is God and He being the Creator, is ridiculously creative, always doing something new that we in our finite minds couldn’t have fathomed on our own.

I feel that we are on the brink of another new and different move of the Spirit. ¬†Mysteries that have been kept hidden until now will be released, people who have never before heard will suddenly hear, know and do things they’ve never imagined possible. ¬†I think those of us who have had a taste and more of some of this are about to experience some things that we may find just plain weird but exciting and totally God, nonetheless.

I think it will begin within the Body and move out towards the world at large.  I see big changes ahead, changes that will propel us in the direction that the Father has wanted us to go in all along.  I see minds renewed as eyes are opened to seeing that some things they thought were one way, are actually something completely different.  I see a changing of the guard so to speak and even people who were once adamantly on one side of the fence in one area or another, hopping over to the other side, never to return. Lots of changes.

I see an end to church branding that seeks to exalt, market and promote that brand or sect instead of exalting and promoting the pure and unadulterated gospel of Jesus Christ. (see 1 Corinthians 1;12-17 and 1 Corinthians 3:4-6)

I see a lot of exciting, new and very different things happening in the coming year. ¬†Now is not the time to turn away from the Father. ¬†It’s not a time to allow anything or anyone in your life to command and keep your focus and distract you from Him. ¬†Keep your gaze set on His glorious face. ¬†Allow every circumstance to draw you into a greater intimacy with Him and watch what happens. You will never be the same.

Discipleship At Its Best

In Matthew 28:19, Jesus starts off by saying, “Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations…” ¬†I am crying and filled with such an immense sense of joy as I type this because for once in my life, in a church setting no less, I can think of 3 beautiful men who are so dear to my heart who are doing just what Jesus said, for me. ¬†These men, in no particular order include, Dennis Arroyo, Russ Painter and Gary Fishman.

These three prophet guys are so very special to me. ¬†They have been my introduction into what Jesus modeled in leadership. ¬†I can sit and just form a puddle of tears around myself thinking about them and what gifts they are to the Body of Christ and me in particular. ¬†They have and continue to give me so much, even without always realizing it. ¬†I really need to get it together, I can hardly see as I type at this point, I keep crying. ūüôā

What I love is that none of these men claim, by any means, to know it all, to have perfect theology ¬†or anything of the sort. ¬†They are simply real, honest, pure and nothing short of astoundingly amazing men of God who truly have His heart for His creation. ¬†They don’t try to be in or make spotlights or brands or names for themselves. ¬†They push others to become what and who God has made them to be and they do it with love. ¬†Russ gives you gentle but firm nudges. ¬†Dennis is more than ready to step aside and pass a mic, and Gary, if there’s ever a bus you want to be thrown under, it’s one he’s a part of. ¬†To say that I love them just feels so inadequate and minuscule, but I do, dearly love them all.

They are helping me to grow and learn and be more effective in the part of my walk with Christ that is to be in the “spotlight”. ¬†I am more than happy to sit off to the side, in the background but it’s not the easiest thing to do when you have a gift to sing and speak. ¬†One kind of has to be in the fore front for such things. ūüôā These guys help make that so much easier.

So, Lord, I declare lots of¬†more over these beautiful men and their beautiful families. ¬†More love, more joy, more peace, more strength, more growth, divine health, supernatural wealth, all above and beyond for them. ¬†Go crazy, Abba, like only You can. ¬†Lavish ¬†them millions of times over with all that they selflessly give so many others. ¬†And, let me see it happen, just so I can laugh, cry, and rejoice with them. Thank you so much Abba. ¬†You are truly too much but at the same time, I can’t get enough of You!! ‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧

For You Dear Reader, With Love

Last week, before I traveled to spend a few days with family and friends in DC and Maryland, I told the Lord that I wanted my next blog post to be centered around you. ¬†I asked Him to give me ideas and thought naively that I would write this blog post while I was down there visiting. ¬†Of course, that didn’t happen. ¬†Here’s what has happened… ¬†This morning, I looked at my Facebook newsfeed’s, “On This Day” section and saw the memories I made on this day, last year and years before, and I found the perfect thing for you! ¬†It’s a prayer that I wrote. ¬†Instead of just writing word for word though, I’m adding to it and changing it a bit, as I want to make it more of a declaration for you than a mere “wish list”. So, here it is, for you, with lots of love, my dear reader.

I speak peace and joy over you. No matter what is going on in your life and around you, may you always remember that you are never alone, never without options, fully surrounded, and deeply loved.  May every trial you face, push you further into the arms of your Father until the enemy refuses to waste any effort and/or resources targeting you.

I command healing over your body, from top to bottom. ¬†His blood flows through your veins. ¬†You are His family and because healing is the children’s bread, eat up and savor every morsel, dear one. ¬†I decree that not only are you healed, but you are transitioning to walking in divine health because as a child of God, it is your right, your inheritance. ¬†Jesus left no one sick. ¬†His will is always that you be healed, so I declare that over you, in Jesus name.

I speak encounters with the Person of Love over you, knowing that perfect love casts out all fear and I pray that you would give the enemy nothing to agree with in your life, thereby giving him no room to enter in and run rampant.

I decree that all chains and strongholds over your life are broken and destroyed.  You are free.  You are free to be you without apology, fully being who you were called to be before the foundations of the earth.

I decree that your mind is being daily renewed in such a way that you don’t suffer from that old, ugly orphan spirit. ¬†I decree that you walk in an ever increasing measure of revelation regarding who you are and Whose you are, so that you are free from being critical, bitter, depressed, worn down and out and lonely. ¬†The truth is, you are loved with an everlasting love, fully surrounded and cherished, just for being. ¬†There is nothing you can do to make God love or value you any more or less, so I declare that the religious spirit is not a part of your life, making you think you must do something in order to get something from the Lord. ¬†Before you knew Him, He loved you, chose you, appointed and called you. ¬†Before you were born, He died for you and gave you His all. ¬†You did nothing to deserve or earn it, He did it because He loves you.

I declare that you are wise as a serpent but harmless as a dove. ¬†You don’t easily fall for the enemy’s tricks to get your focus off God and onto yourself and your faults. ¬†If your focus shifts to your faults and makes you feel like you are back to square one, “Just a sinner, saved by grace”, ¬†I ask that Holy Spirit would pull you back from that religious way of thinking. ¬†You are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus now, no longer a sinner, no longer a slave to sin. ¬†Your focus is ever on your Father and His immense love for you. ¬†No distractions. ¬†When you focus on you in this way, you’re missing out on what God has for you and what you are to give others around you. This is self-centered, not at all as holy as it seems. ¬†The Father does not want us beating each other or ourselves up over sin. ¬†He doesn’t do this to us. ¬†He paid for every single one of our sins long before we were born. ¬†Focusing on your shortcomings does not help you to get better, as what you focus on is what will grow in your life. ¬†Focus on the Father, confess all to Him and allow Him to change your focus. Be filled and stay filled with all that He has for you.

I declare that wisdom and understanding be your closest companions. ¬†I ask that you become adept in stepping back, outside of yourself, when things happen. ¬†That you would climb into your Heavenly Father’s lap and see from a higher perspective, what is truly going on and behind every situation you face. ¬†I pray that you take to heart the fact that we wrestle not against flesh and blood. ¬†I declare that you see with greater clarity than ever before and can have compassion and wisdom in every circumstance. ¬†May your eyes be opened to the enemy at work so that you don’t fall for his tactics. ¬†I speak a constant flow of Holy Intel over you, straight from Holy Spirit. ¬†You won’t miss a thing. ¬†You have the mind of Christ.

I declare that you are filled to overflowing with every good thing- so much that you can’t help but affect and infect others with the goodness of God.

I declare that you live, truly live, not just exist. You will not just reach your destiny, but you will enjoy the journey and help others do the same.

I declare a holy unrest over you that causes you to refuse to stay where you are forever, that you would be both content but also rise ever higher in life.

I declare all the best for you, as I want for myself. Let’s rise together. There’s no ceiling. There are no walls. If you have built any for yourself, my prayer is that you would break through them and be free. ¬†I love you, dear reader.

It’s All the Body of Christ

I absolutely love where I am right now. ¬†I am speaking of the¬†weekly services I attend at Heaven’s Invasion and more. ¬†I must say that every other church experience I had, held this sometimes spoken, sometimes unspoken but definitely understood notion that everything you needed was all “in house”. ¬†If you missed service there, to go elsewhere, you were missing out. ¬†It was almost seen as a sin to go elsewhere for your spiritual needs. ¬†Almost as if you literally stepped outside the Faith and dabbled into some other religion.

Now, it is totally different, I see the body of Christ on a much broader spectrum and can go to other churches and know that I am still home. ¬†I have two such homes besides Heaven’s Invasion. ¬†One is Calvary Tabernacle and the other is The Sanctuary Fellowship in the Bronx. ¬†Gary Fishman is one of the pastors at The Sanctuary Fellowship. ¬†He interpreted a dream for me, and I learned that he has an annual prophetic summit in September (this year it is September 17th), so I went. ¬†I swear, when I walked in the building, I immediately felt at home. ¬†I was in no way, a mere visitor, it was so comfortable. ¬†I immediately fell in love with the people and the worship was other worldly. ¬†I actually met my pastor, Russ who led a workshop there but I didn’t realize he was actually 20 minutes away from me in NJ. ¬†Gary later invited me to Heaven’s Invasion to give a testimony during their Thanksgiving dinner celebration. ¬†That was my first day at Heaven’s Invasion and we have been going ever since.

Anyway, Gary has these amazing workshops and classes every 3rd Saturday in the Bronx. As much as we are able, we are front and center for them. ¬†These are people who exude the nature of Jesus so well and completely, one can’t help but feel welcomed, loved and at home with them. ¬†I have met many there who are invaluable to me. ¬†It is my home in the Bronx!

Then, we have Calvary Tabernacle… (((le blissful sigh))) Calvary is so very special to me for several reasons. First, this is a place where Pastor Clem has allowed several churches to occupy the same building. ¬†That speaks volumes!! ¬†Heaven’s Invasion is one of the several ministries that meet there. ¬†Again, this is a place that is so comfortable. ¬†There is so much love there. ¬†My favorite part is the youth. ¬†Oh, my word!! I have never seen such an amazing group of children. ¬†Children who truly love the Lord and each other with an openness that makes me tear up every time I see them. My two oldest daughters joined the youth group last year and loved it. ¬†This spoke volumes to me because my oldest has been a part of many youth groups and she never stayed with any of them because they were very superficial. ¬†The kind that says don’t have sex, live holy. They plays games, eat snacks and that’s about it. ¬†She wanted more and found it at Calvary. ¬†These children are learning to hear from God for themselves and others, they are learning to go deep with the Lord and are truly world changers.

I tried to stay away. ¬†My children are all homeschooled and I wanted them to have something that I wasn’t a part of, but of course, God had other plans and my girls are thrilled that I am there. ¬†Last July, the day after I had the first of 5 consecutive miscarriages, the prophetic evangelism group that I was a part of was invited to attend a meeting with the high schoolers of the youth group and prophesy over them. ¬†What a night that was for me!! ¬†There was one boy that I immediately loved, named Aaron. ¬†God revealed to me that although he had been through some serious and strenuous things, he has an amazing calling and future ahead of him. ¬†I prophesied over several others that night but at that time, he stuck out to me. ¬†I was also touched by the leader, Dennis. ¬†His love for the children was almost palpable. ¬†I was amazed.

I used to drop my girls off on Wednesdays and just sit in the car, trying to stay away but slowly, as I sat in that parking lot, reading or talking on the phone, God began to speak to me about various kids. ¬†Sometimes I gave them what God gave me, other times, I just stood back. ¬†Eventually, I ended up inside the building, but in another area as I waited for them to be done each week. ¬†Then, I don’t even remember how it happened, but I ended up sitting in the back during their service with my son who is normally asleep.

By this time, God started to speak to me about them, directly and through others. ¬†My friend Evelin and so many others gave me words about them. ¬†Evelin and my girls were the only ones who knew I was secretly in love with these people but trying to stay away. ¬†Eventually, I became a leader and I have never been happier. ¬†When I considered asking about being a leader, I hadn’t said anything but I remember Will, another leader, coming to me saying, “Have you ever considered becoming a leader? ¬†It’s obvious that you love them and have a lot to offer.” ¬†I said something snarky like, “Prophetic much?” because I’d literally just heard this from God.

When I finally went to Dennis, of course after needing so many confirmations from God, (such faith huh?) he said yes, and said that I was an answer to prayer and that he wanted to speak to Russ first. ¬†I connected him and Russ thinking he wanted to speak to Russ and make sure I wasn’t a lunatic. ¬†I later thanked Russ saying, “Thanks for the good character reference, they bought it, I’m in, lol!” ¬†Russ said that Dennis never asked about my character, he simply wanted permission to have me. ¬†Russ, told him of course, he didn’t own me anyway, lol. ¬†I was floored. ¬†I still am. ¬†We don’t even attend this church but we all understand that we are the Church and are therefore, family. ¬†I thought that because I wasn’t a member there, I would need to go through some protocol but no. ¬†I can’t tell you how honored I am to be among them and how very much I love them.

All this to say that I am so happy that there are parts of the Body that know that we are all family and truly live this out. There is never any mess about denominations or anything divisive. ¬†It’s all love. ¬†It’s all Jesus. I couldn’t be happier to be here in NJ, at this time. ¬†This is how the body of Christ should live. Together. United, in and by His love.

Choose Your Adventure

For as long as I can remember, I have loved reading and books. ¬†I remember, before I could read, my mom would read the Sunday comics to me. ¬†I so enjoyed them. ¬†Long after I’d learned to read, I kept reading those comics and so much more. ¬†In fact, my mom used to take me to the thrift store for books every so often. ¬†The books were a dime a piece and, it might as well had been candy we were buying, I was so happy. ¬†I’d always finish them in a few days though and would want to go again. So, in between those trips, I made myself happily at home at my neighborhood library. ¬†One of my favorite books to read were those “Choose Your Own Adventure” books. ¬†It was wonderful to have one book where you could have so many possibilities, so many different journeys, destinations and adventures.

This reminds me very much of life. ¬†There are lots of choices to be made in life. ¬†I find that we oftentimes have more choices than we initially realize, especially with regards to our feelings. ¬†We don’t have to let them rule us, or our day. ¬†Let me explain what I mean with a few stories.

I awoke just before my husband, and before playing a quick game on my laptop, I answered a few emails and wrote a blog post for the week. My husband played a game he enjoys, then started to get ready for work. Once I was hungry, really hungry, I decided to make myself some pancakes and syrup. My syrup is super good!!  My oldest was with me as I made my pancakes, waiting hungrily to make her own when I was done.

So, here’s the thing, my husband will play around, wait around, lay around, and if I am making myself something to eat, he always wants my food. ¬†In my head, and my daughter’s, we were both really hungry and just wanted to make our food. After all, he is a grown man and can make his own pancake, right? ¬†I mean, I made the batter and the syrup from scratch, surely he could do the rest for himself.

Then, I started to think about how he’d inevitably come downstairs, just in time to want to take mine and I had a choice to make… ¬†Go hide in the basement or back patio and eat in peace, or make him pancakes as he played his game. o_O ¬†Now, in my head, I’m thinking he could very well stop the game and tend to his own needs, but then, I thought I’d just make the stupid pancakes and¬†do it happily as unto the Lord. (Eph.6:7, Col 3:23 Col 3:17)

I decided that If he came down with a disposition that says, “She’d better have made me some!” or the like, I’d just know that I made them for the Lord and keep moving. ¬†So, even though I didn’t want to, I made him some and put them aside, and just as I knew it, he came down, smiling happily. ¬†Upon seeing the plate of hot pancakes he asked tentatively, “Are these for me?” ¬†I smiled and said yes and although he is normally not a gusher, he gushed on and on about how wonderful a surprise it was that I did that for him and how delicious the syrup and pancakes were. I was happy and so was he and my oldest got to see me do something right.

While out to dinner with my husband, I noticed that our waitress was angry. She had a rough edge to her. ¬†Instead of being offended by her curt service, I decided to bless her. ¬†I asked the Lord for a word for her as we ate, and eventually, I asked my husband to go ahead and make his trip to the bathroom. ¬†I gave her the word I got from God. She was so happy. She asked if I did this all the time. ¬†I said yes. ¬†Then she asked if I did it professionally, I laughed and told her I didn’t charge or anything but I suppose so since I have been trained to operate in my gifts. ¬†She thought it was the best gift ever to have and said so and left me smiling.

Two of my daughters had a dress rehearsal on my youngest daughter’s ¬†birthday. ¬†Trying to make it work for everyone, we went out to eat at the restaurant of her choice and ended up running late for dress rehearsal. ¬†The rehearsal for the 3 shows was from 3:30- 9:30. They were to be there around 5:15pm and do their first dance at 5:44. ¬†I think we ended up getting there around 5:42.

On the way, I announced, “You are late, so let’s have some fun! ¬†Let’s prophesy over this evening and tell it what to do!” ¬†My oldest jumped right in declaring things. ¬†I said, “I have one thing to add to what you said. ¬†The rehearsal did not start on time. ¬†They are running behind on each dance, and, as a result, you are not late at all. ¬†You have plenty of time to find your place, dress and be relaxed before you have to go onstage.” ¬†When I went to pick them up, I asked about it. ¬†They said the rehearsal ran late and they were able to relax, get dressed and even rehearse a bit off to the side with their classmates before they went onstage.

The point is, we can change things because of Who lives in us. ¬†We don’t have to be subject to funky atmospheres, we can change them. ¬†We don’t have to assume the worse, we can declare the best and get it. ¬†So, first chance you get, prophesy over your day. ¬†Instead of taking offense at someone mistreating you or looking at you funny, make them smile, love them on purpose, step outside of yourself, stop being the victim, and do something kind for others, and, do it as unto the Lord.

All In a Day

I awoke this morning, so excited.  Today was a day that I did not have to be anywhere.  I could just be.  Well, besides my weekly visit to my wonderful chiropractor, otherwise, I had nothing to do but enjoy some time at home.

Before we went to visit our chiropractor, I had to call Verizon. ¬†As the woman spoke, I began hearing from God about her. ¬†I know these calls are sometimes “monitored for quality assurance” so I was frankly weirded out at the idea of “propheteering” on such a call. ¬†(I know that isn’t a word. ¬†I sometimes make up words…)

I almost missed it. ¬†The lady thanked me for calling, I thanked her and I paused. ¬†She hadn’t hung up. ¬†I heard her typing, so, I said, “Are you still there? I have something else to say to you.” ¬†She answered affirmatively and I told her all that I was hearing from God for her. ¬†She cried and began to share some of her story with me. ¬†It was amazing. ¬†I felt so grateful that God gave us both that experience with Him.

Then, at the chiropractor, there was a guy. ¬†He was really cute. He looked like he came straight out of the 70’s, maybe even the late 60’s, with his hippy hairdo and shirt. ¬†I started to leave, then doubled back and gave him a word that really touched him. ¬†I told him he was really cute first though, lol.

Once I got home, things just, changed.  I got annoyed because my daughter was all for going to an event when she thought I would pay for her.  When I said she would pay for herself, I could almost hear the screeching of the tires as she slammed the brakes on the whole idea.  I felt like I had failed as a parent.  The truth is, as my dad Russ reminded me, I have taught them to steward the money they get well. Perhaps this is just an attack from the enemy.

Then, because the enemy loves to kick us while we are down, it hit me. ¬†Several of the babies I’d lost, if I hadn’t, would be here now. ¬†Then it all just went downhill from there pretty much.

When I get like that, it isn’t easy for me to pray for myself or even ask for prayer but I did it. ¬†I asked for prayer from my tribe albeit, at around 10pm, and got that and so much more. ¬†Words of peace, sanity, comfort, laughter, Scripture and more. ¬†One beautiful sister even sang to me.

Now, I’m feeling grateful. ¬†I sought to be kind and encouraging to others at the start of my day. Although I didn’t feel I could pray for myself, God gave me the strength to ask for prayer from people who I know love me. ¬†They did for me what I did for others earlier. ¬†I thank God for my tribe, my beautiful family. ¬†I love them more than I can say. ¬†May they be repaid 100 times over for what they have done for me tonight. ¬†And, if you don’t presently have the same unconditional love and support, I speak over you that, in Jesus name, you do now, not soon because soon is always coming, but now.

How God Speaks

I am slowly but surely coming to the conclusion that the Lord speaks to each and every one of us in various ways but we don’t always realize it. ¬†Sadly, in today’s rushed world, too many don’t know how to rest, how to just be. ¬†There’s always something distracting going on that makes us miss what God is saying to us.

Do you know how He speaks to you? ¬†Are you one who thinks, “He doesn’t speak to me…”? ¬†If so, I am willing to bet that’s just not true. ¬†I find Him to be always speaking in one way or another. ¬†The key has been my willingness to seek to hear from Him, to search for Him and what He is saying or doing. ¬†As I have said in other posts, He isn’t hiding at all.

I sat for a bit with Him today and wrote down some of the ways He speaks to me. ¬†I purposefully don’t say definitively that these are the only ways He speaks to me because He is so creative and fun! I don’t want to put Him in a box. ¬†I want to be open to hear from Him in whatever ways He chooses to speak to me. ¬†So, here are some of the ways I have heard from Him.

Dreams and visions- He tells me so much through my dreams.  I absolutely love how He warns me of things to come, I call it Holy Intel.  He also gives me glimpses of the future and so much more.

That inner voice/inner knowing/ inner thought type of thing is another way He speaks to me.  I love how He often interjects with something when I am doing something else.  It makes me know that I am open to hearing from Him even when I am not speaking with Him at that moment.

Sounds- My latest experience with this included hearing (twice) the sound of someone pouring something. ¬†Nothing was happening in the natural, I wasn’t near anything that could or would make that sound. ¬†He was letting me know that His Spirit is always available to pour into me. ¬†Sweet!!

Music, preaching, and teaching- He speaks through the so-called secular and sacred!

Sight- I’ve seen some weird things in the spirit, lol. ¬†I have even seen sound.

Feelings- I was recently warned about the spirit of witchcraft when someone affected by that spirit spoke to me and I felt sick on my stomach.  I was able to recognize the issue as not my own, pray, and it left.

Touch- One time, while praying in a circle, holding hands with some women, I felt a hand on my shoulder and heard, “I’m here.” It was a direct answer to prayer for me in that moment. ¬†No one had touched me.

Experiential situations.  I have had experiences where I have felt like I was a part of an accident, prayed in tongues until I felt at peace, only to later find that someone actually experienced it and left the accident ok.

Smells- I have smelled something really funky when lied to and the sweetest fragrances during worship.

He speaks to me through nature.

Prophetic words from others is another powerful way He speaks.

The Bible- I love how the Bible truly is the living Word of God.  It amazes me how one can read something, even know it by heart, and God bring fresh revelation that completely blows the mind.

He speaks to me through various family members without them even realizing it.

The last thing I could think of is that He has often spoken to me through my Spanish lessons on Duolingo.

The ways He speak are endless. ¬†I am positive I haven’t listed every way He has spoken to me. It’s so much fun to see how He chooses to do it next! In what ways does He speak to you? ¬†If you don’t know for now, keep your eyes and ears open, ask Him to help you to not miss what He is saying. ¬†And, get ready, you’re in for an adventure!!

Midweek Prophetic Fun!

Oh!! I gotta tell you what cool things have just happened today! So my oldest,¬†Jaiela,¬† passed her driving test today and is all official. We ended up having to go with a driving school because our cars are too new for her to use for the testing site. So, I went with a school that turned out to be absolutely amazing! I didn’t think it would be anything special, but Jitendra is so good at teaching that he had her parallel parking and more, perfectly, right away, with no prior experience. The girl got excited when there was one time that she didn’t do it perfectly during a recent lesson because it gave her the opportunity to learn how to fix it if it wasn’t done perfectly.
Afterwards, I sent him a text thanking him and naturally, I began to prophesy without thinking. I said, “I don’t know if you‚Äôve considered this, but I see your business expanding in a way that is similar to branding, kind of like franchising. I see you training others to teach the way you do because it is truly unique and invaluable. You are helping to keep our streets safe with your method of teaching.”
Funny enough, he thought I was suggesting some kind of business proposal, lol and said that they are always open to good suggestions. ¬†I replied that it was not a business proposal. ¬†I was simply sharing what I see is possible for him. ¬†I told him that I see him going beyond what he may have initially considered. ¬†Then I went on and explained that it’s a “God thing”. ¬†I told him that He shows or tells me things about people and I sometimes share it, that’s all.
He wrote back saying that it was 100% true and then he shared with me some of his plan, and in the plan, he had things like, “kind of ¬†a private franchise, making American streets safe…” ¬†Here’s where my mouth dropped open (as if it was the first time I had a word that I gave confirmed). ¬†One of my spiritual dads named Gary Fishman- (this blessed girl has two of them jokers!) once told me to be bold and say what I see because God gives me very specific, detailed words for people and I need to just say it. ¬†So, when I went on and said the thing about him helping to keep our streets safe, I thought I was waxing poetic or just being mushy because I was happy that my girl passed the test. ¬†I had no idea that those very words are in his mission statement/plan. So cool!!
After that, I was able to go further and tell him more and he wants to chat later. ¬†How cool is that? ¬† God is so cool! ¬†He always has wonderful surprises for us and I feel this is a story that has a definite “to be continued” kind vibe to it.