Five Tales of the Prophetic


My journey with God has been so amazing and fun filled!! I sat here chuckling with my Abba about how just about 2 years ago, I didn’t even know I was prophetic. Now, I’m prophesying, prophe-singing (I know, I made up that word), teaching and speaking.   Even when I didn’t know I was prophetic, I still operated in the prophetic quite a bit. Abba reminded me of 5 different situations where the prophetic was very much present.  I’m going to share them with you.

  1. What’s Your Tag Plate Number?  I was visiting my mom in DC. In order to park in her neighborhood, I needed to get a parking permit.  So, she took me to the closest police precinct to get one.  The officer was an old, rude fart type of guy, just mean for the sake of being mean.  The kind that won’t look at you and talks all condescendingly to you… He asked for my tag number and I didn’t know it.  When I said I’d have to go and look, he looked me in the eyes in that moment and nastily asked, “You don’t know your tag number?”  I looked right back at him and was about to say no, but suddenly, I saw a picture of my plate.  I looked him in his eyes and simply read what I saw,secretly hoping I wasn’t a raving lunatic giving him all the wrong numbers.  When we left him and I checked, it was correct!
  2. Get the phone!!  We have an issue with our house phone. The people who had our number last, are apparently still giving it out and these people don’t pay bills, their son is always ditching school and since most calls are for them, we don’t answer the house phone.  It’s mostly for making calls out and has been this way for almost 11 years now.  So, it’s typical for the phone to ring and no one budges to answer it-except for those times when I “magically” know who it is on the other end without being near the caller id.  It used to freak my daughters out how we’d ignore call after call and then, as I stand washing dishes, the phone would ring and I’d yell incredulously, as if they were all out of their minds, “Isn’t somebody gonna get that?  It’s my mom!!”  Then a poor girl would make a mad dash to the phone, catching it just in time to hear my mom’s voice on the other end.  I was never phased by this phenomenon at all, I just simply knew who was on the other end when it mattered.
  3. Trice, Just Tell Me Where My Keys Are… I was visiting my family in DC and my husband was still at our home in FL.  He called me, all rushed, asking, “Trice. I am about to be late for work. I can’t find my keys. Where are my keys?”  I took the phone from my ear, looked at it strangely and asked my husband, “Um, you do know that you’re in FL and I’m in DC, right?  Why would I know where your keys are?”  This had not been a “thing” for us.  This was the first time something like this happened so it’s not like he was always losing his keys and I always knew where they were- nothing like that at all.  He replied, annoyed, “Trice.  I’m gonna be late.  Just tell me where they are, I gotta go!”  I sighed at his nerve, and said, “Looked under the bed, near the dresser.”  He simply said, “Bye!” and hung up, and I went on about my day.
  4. The Raffle.  My oldest was interested in learning to sew, and had found a woman who was teaching it out of her home. She found this woman just in time to catch a fashion show the woman was holding for her students to show off what they’d made in their classes with her.  We were happy to go.  There was a raffle and one of the prizes- the biggest one- included a big sewing box, filled with stuff for a person new to it all.  It was very nice.  I had bought tickets and when I saw it, I asked my oldest, “Do you want this?” She said yes, so I told her, “Well, if you put a ticket in for this, it’s yours.”  She happily put a ticket in, then another and was about to put in another and I said, “Girl!! Don’t be wasting all our tickets!  Just put one in if you want it, I already said it’s yours!”  She probably thought I was crazy but she obeyed and she still has that sewing box to this day. 🙂
  5. Let Me See Your New License… My husband and I married at the courthouse in Daytona Beach, FL when we were 23 years old.  We had with us three good friends and their toddler daughter as our witnesses.  The lady behind the counter asked for our ID’s.  I gave her mine and my husband couldn’t find his.  He said he’d go to the car to get it, sure he’d left it there.  After over an hour of standing there waiting for him (we didn’t have cell phones yet), one friend started getting very worried.  She thought I was being left at the alter.  She asked, so afraid, (my sweet girl), “Um, Trice?  Do you think he’s coming back?”  I smiled and said, “Yes.  He’ll be back soon.  He went to the car, couldn’t find it, then drove back to the house to look for it.  When he couldn’t find it there, he went down the street to the DMV and got a new license.  It’s OK. He’s coming back.”  Not too long after that, he came rushing in. I smiled and said, “Let us see your new license.”  He smiled and pulled out the brand new license and we got married, giggling through the entire ceremony.