Do You Know Him?

Lately, the thing foremost in my mind has been the area of being in relationship with the Lord.

Many believers, if asked, will proclaim emphatically that they love the Lord and have a relationship with Him.  They may even add some catch phrase about being too blessed to be stressed or how able God is to do this or that but not only do they not necessarily believe it, all too often, these same believers are just as stressed and uncertain about life than one who admits they don’t know God.  These are Christians who say on one hand that they love and know the Father but  will also admit to not knowing if He still speaks at all, let alone whether or not He speaks to them.

With anyone else, we would never say we are close and have an intimate relationship with someone we spend virtually no time with.  That would be very strange.  People do this with God all the time though and think nothing of it. We get that to be in relationship with other human beings, certain factors must be in place but somewhere along the lines, when it comes to God, most think church attendance and reading the Bible in a year equate to a relationship.

I feel strongly that there are people who are truly hungry for something real with the Lord.  People who are tired of dealing with things they don’t have to.  They see verses that say things like, “Be anxious for nothing”, but have no idea how to actually be anxious for nothing.  They see that Jesus said to take his yoke and burden because his is easy and light but they just don’t know how to let go of their own and take his.  Or perhaps, they have come in contact with someone who has attained something with the Lord that they want.  Perhaps it is seeing the relationship others have with Him that makes them say, “I want that!”  I have been asking the Lord how I can help.

I see so many Christians, wandering about life as if they are orphans, being swayed and tossed by whatever comes their way in life and it breaks my heart.  I can only imagine how God feels.  He never wanted this for His children.  If He said He has not given us a spirit of fear, you’d best believe, He hasn’t.

There’s nothing like a real bonafide relationship with the Creator of the universe.  In the beginning, it takes some discipline to remember to acknowledge that He is ever present, always waiting to speak with us as if we are the only person alive, but the outcome of it all is nothing short of astounding. I love how I can be going on about my day and God interjects what I’m doing and speaks to me.  I love how, when I start to drift away, focusing on the newest pain this pregnancy presents me with, He whispers to me, “What are you looking at?”, and brings me back to Him.  I love how, I can go places and see people and He gives me messages for them when I was doing something completely different.  I love how, in the midst of seeing everyone around me in fear and even terror, He gives me a spot right on His lap and has me look at situations and see them as He sees them.  I love hearing His laughter and jokes about various situations that happen throughout my day.  I love how He has and is answering my prayer to become more real to me than anyone or anything I see or experience in front of me.

Because of all this and so much more, I trust Him. I truly trust Him and take Him at His word.  When I see promises in the Bible, I get super excited because I know it’s for me.

So, in asking the Lord how I can help, one idea came to mind that I am putting into practice right away.  I plan to do a one on one mentorship sort of thing over the next few weeks with one or two people.  Once I see how that goes, I will come back with what I have learned and have a more concrete idea on what I can do to help people in my sphere of influence to come to know the Lord in a more intimate way.

In the meantime, it is my prayer that if you have identified at all with not really having a relationship with Him, you won’t stay there and settle for that.  There’s so much more available for those of us who are in Christ.  Let’s get all that has been put here for us to attain.  He’s right there with you, eager to share so much with you, engage and enjoy Him.

Hearing God For Yourself

Hearing God is not just for the pastor, preacher, prophet or other leader in the Church, it’s a basic right for everyone.  For some, it’s a very easy and simple thing, but for those for whom it’s not so easy, learning to hear His voice is still very much a possibility and truly should be the highest priority.

Hearing from Him is so exciting and life changing! I want everyone to experience it! He wants everyone to experience it even more!  How can one claim to have a relationship with someone they only talk to, but don’t feel like they hear back from?  Relationships don’t work like that.

Hearing from God has dispelled so many lies and myths.  It’s wonderful to be able to go straight to The Source on any matter that comes up.  I’m learning more and more to do that- go to Him first instead of people.  Even well meaning people won’t always get it right, but God will, every single time.

One of the things I remember being taught that God Himself has eliminated and proven false, is that silent prayers are ineffective.  I was taught that when you pray, you must give voice to it or it simply isn’t effective.  Also, when those “moments of silence” are called for, that too was said to pretty much be a waste of time.

Now, those moments of silence are my favorite moments!  I hear God speaking to me so clearly in the stillness of the moment.  When I am quiet and waiting attentively to hear from Him, He speaks in so many ways and it’s the sweetest thing.  For me, this epitomizes what Psalm 46:10 says, ” Be still and know that I am God.” Besides, in order to have an effective conversation with someone, there absolutely needs to be a moment at least when you just shut up.  It’s quite effective in conversation, this idea of shutting up so the other person can speak. 🙂

Also, in prophesying, I sometimes have full blown conversations with my Abba in the silence of my heart.  It’s a true heart to Heart, spirit to Spirit talk.  It’s the kind of conversation that, if it wasn’t effective, every single prophecy would just be rubbish.  I’ll share one story…

I was at my favorite Trader Joes, my order was being rung up by a guy.  When I looked at him, I heard the Lord say, “He’s worried.”  In my heart, I said, “OK.  So, what do you want me to do, tell him?  I think he knows already.”  Abba simply said, “Yes.”  At that point, I laughed (out loud like a fool, mind you) and said in my heart, “Um, Abba, you do know that we don’t do this right?  This isn’t very politically correct to get all up in people’s business like this. (As if He cares about being politically correct.)   What am I supposed to tell him anyway? How do I approach this?”  Abba said nothing, but immediately the song playing in the store switched to Stevie Wonder’s “Don’t You Worry Bout a Thang.”  Again, I laughed out loud, (I know, I’m a little off) and said in my heart, “You’re so cute Abba!!  Ok, I get it. Thank you!”

Then I proceeded to tell them man that I sensed that he was worried and that I think they are playing his song and some other things the Lord began to give me the moment I decided to simply open my mouth with the first thing He told me to say.  The guy was astonished and touched.  In the end, he asked me, “Are you psychic?”  I smiled and said, “No.  I hear from God.”