Declare Something!

I’m not and have never been much into making resolutions for the new year.  I’d rather just do what I’m going to do and leave it at that.  I do enjoy making vision boards with my family, however, what I am majorly into these days is making declarations.  Maybe it’s the bossy girl in me but man, it feels so amazing to me to be able to speak things into existence like my Abba and watch it all unfold before my eyes.

He reminded me to make declarations a few weeks ago as I lie in bed in pain (normal pregnancy stuff).  He reminded me of who I am and how I don’t have to just bend or succumb to everything that comes my way.  I have the ability to change things. I can, with my words, make things happen that I want.

I hate that I feel the need to say this but I do not mean declaring things that aren’t right.  I won’t go declaring that someone else loses her husband so I can have him.  I don’t declare pain, or anything but love on someone who may have done something to hurt me at some point.  I mean to make declarations that are in line with God’s will and Word.  It’s quite easy to know the difference too.

With regards to my pregnancy for instance, I know as a birth worker, that there are things that kind of come with the territory, but, as a daughter of the King of Kings, I know that there are many things that don’t have to apply to or for me so I speak what I want.

Because I am only 4’10” tall, I have no where to grow but outward and boy, my back feels every bit of growth happening with these babies and it’s no fun at all at times.

One thing I declared was that although my frame is small, it is strong and continuously strengthened and perfectly able to handle carrying multiples.  When I see various unappealing symptoms that I could possibly contend with, I say no and declare the opposite over my body and babies. I always end up having a great time with this and I bring my family in on it too so that we can make declarations together.  It’s so much fun to hear what each of us comes up with and it’s great to record declarations so that we can go back to them and see what has happened as a result of those declarations.

So, instead of making resolutions, try making some declarations, and have fun with it.  Go big with it.  We have an amazing Father who is just waiting for us to declare a thing.  He is more than able, willing and ready to back us up and see to it that what we say comes to pass.  We have so much more authority than we realize.  Let’s make 2017 the year that we come into the full revelation of what we have and can do as children of the King.  And, before I forget, Happy New Year!

How God Speaks

I am slowly but surely coming to the conclusion that the Lord speaks to each and every one of us in various ways but we don’t always realize it.  Sadly, in today’s rushed world, too many don’t know how to rest, how to just be.  There’s always something distracting going on that makes us miss what God is saying to us.

Do you know how He speaks to you?  Are you one who thinks, “He doesn’t speak to me…”?  If so, I am willing to bet that’s just not true.  I find Him to be always speaking in one way or another.  The key has been my willingness to seek to hear from Him, to search for Him and what He is saying or doing.  As I have said in other posts, He isn’t hiding at all.

I sat for a bit with Him today and wrote down some of the ways He speaks to me.  I purposefully don’t say definitively that these are the only ways He speaks to me because He is so creative and fun! I don’t want to put Him in a box.  I want to be open to hear from Him in whatever ways He chooses to speak to me.  So, here are some of the ways I have heard from Him.

Dreams and visions- He tells me so much through my dreams.  I absolutely love how He warns me of things to come, I call it Holy Intel.  He also gives me glimpses of the future and so much more.

That inner voice/inner knowing/ inner thought type of thing is another way He speaks to me.  I love how He often interjects with something when I am doing something else.  It makes me know that I am open to hearing from Him even when I am not speaking with Him at that moment.

Sounds- My latest experience with this included hearing (twice) the sound of someone pouring something.  Nothing was happening in the natural, I wasn’t near anything that could or would make that sound.  He was letting me know that His Spirit is always available to pour into me.  Sweet!!

Music, preaching, and teaching- He speaks through the so-called secular and sacred!

Sight- I’ve seen some weird things in the spirit, lol.  I have even seen sound.

Feelings- I was recently warned about the spirit of witchcraft when someone affected by that spirit spoke to me and I felt sick on my stomach.  I was able to recognize the issue as not my own, pray, and it left.

Touch- One time, while praying in a circle, holding hands with some women, I felt a hand on my shoulder and heard, “I’m here.” It was a direct answer to prayer for me in that moment.  No one had touched me.

Experiential situations.  I have had experiences where I have felt like I was a part of an accident, prayed in tongues until I felt at peace, only to later find that someone actually experienced it and left the accident ok.

Smells- I have smelled something really funky when lied to and the sweetest fragrances during worship.

He speaks to me through nature.

Prophetic words from others is another powerful way He speaks.

The Bible- I love how the Bible truly is the living Word of God.  It amazes me how one can read something, even know it by heart, and God bring fresh revelation that completely blows the mind.

He speaks to me through various family members without them even realizing it.

The last thing I could think of is that He has often spoken to me through my Spanish lessons on Duolingo.

The ways He speak are endless.  I am positive I haven’t listed every way He has spoken to me. It’s so much fun to see how He chooses to do it next! In what ways does He speak to you?  If you don’t know for now, keep your eyes and ears open, ask Him to help you to not miss what He is saying.  And, get ready, you’re in for an adventure!!